Chapter 1127: Deep Feelings (5)

    Chapter 1127: Deep Feelings (5)

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    The man carefully tasted her lips before his hand began to move in a dishonest manner as it trailed down from her neck. Just as his hand reached her stomach, another tender hand grabbed it.

    The woman, whose eyes had been gently closed, suddenly opened her eyes. A small smile had appeared on the corners of her lips.

    "Xiao Ye, when have you become so vulgar?"

    The man that Gu Ruoyun was staring at smiled gently. His blood-red eyes were filled with deep love and joy. His smile shone as brilliantly as the sun on his peerlessly beautiful face.

    Even though Gu Ruoyun had known this man for many years, she was still deeply mesmerized by his features.

    Not many others would have such beautiful features as well.

    "I only wanted to find out how much longer do you plan on pretending to sleep."

    His smile was very beautiful and deeply moving. However, it would only be shown to one person.

    That was right. Gu Ruoyun had sensed Qianbei Ye's presence the moment he had appeared. Otherwise, he would never have been able to enter her room so smoothly. Of course, what Gu Ruoyun did not know was that even if she had secretly shut herself in the formation, Qianbei Ye would have been able to charge out of it sooner or later after some time and based on his level of power.

    "I also want to find out what you plan to do to me while I was asleep." Gu Ruoyun shrugged her shoulders as she smiled gently at the man's peerlessly beautiful features.

    The man curled his lips and smiled as his red pupils stared deeply at the woman on the bed. The smile on his lips then grew even more pronounced.

    "Yun'er, I'm back."

    The deep love in that sentence struck a chord in Gu Ruoyun's heart. She no longer cared about anything else as she immediately threw herself into Qianbei Ye's embrace. She hugged him tightly as she let go of all of her longings during the past few days.

    "Xiao Ye..."

    She no longer spoke in that cold and clear tone she typically uses in front of others. Instead, her voice was now full of gentleness and was enveloped with a deep yearning.

    Qianbei Ye's peerless features softened as he lowered his head towards the woman in his arms. He then leaned over and kissed the pair of lips which he had yearned for day and night...

    Her lips were just as soft as ever, carrying the only sensation that captivated him.

    Perhaps, in this lifetime, only this woman could pull at his heartstrings so easily!

    Her every kiss, every word, and every expression made his heart skip ceaselessly. No one else could hold his heart but her alone...


    After a long pause, Qianbei Ye released Gu Ruoyun's lips but the deep love in his eyes remained. There was a mesmerizing smile on his peerless features. "After we've found your mother, let's get married. Wouldn't that be great?"

    Gu Ruoyun nodded as a smile crept up on her face, "Alright."

    This was her promise to him.

    "Once our family has been reunited, we shall have a wedding."

    Qianbei Ye pulled Gu Ruoyun into his embrace once again. The smile on his face was so beautiful that everything else on heaven and earth seemed to pale in comparison. "Don't worry, I'll find Mother-in-law as soon as possible. By then, you will be able to marry me in peace. By the way, Father-in-law had previously interrupted us during that matter. So, are we..."

    Gu Ruoyun became dazed before she suddenly regained her senses and understood what Qianbei Ye was alluding to.

    Previously, back in Drifting Wind Country 1  , she had agreed to give herself to Qianbei Ye. However, her father had unexpectedly paid her a visit so Qianbei Ye, who was at the most critical moment, had been interrupted by her father...
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