Chapter 1129: Deep Feelings (7)

    Chapter 1129: Deep Feelings (7)

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    Once she had finished speaking, she lowered her eyelids and the thoughts behind her clear and cold gaze were shrouded in mystery. Only her face carried a sense of determination.

    First City...

    It seems that I would have to break through to the Martial Saint rank as soon as possible!

    Only when I've reached the Martial Saint rank would I be able to enter the First City!


    Grand Lord Hong Lian had intended to visit his precious daughter first thing in the morning. Who would have thought that upon reaching her door, the door would be pushed open and a flash of red robes would step out from within?

    When he lay his eyes upon the peerless man who had emerged from the room, Grand Lord Hong Lian was in a daze. He then asked, "What are you doing here?"

    Furthermore, this man had emerged from his daughter's room?

    Could it be that he was sleeping here last night?

    Grand Lord Hong Lian felt a twisting and sour feeling in his heart. Indeed, when a girl was of age, she must be married off. She had not even begun to experience the joys of a father-and-daughter relationship yet she has already been snatched up by this piece of sh*t.

    Qianbei Ye noticed Grand Lord Hong Lian as well and a smile appeared on his peerless face, "Father-in-law, I'm obviously here for Yun'er."

    "Who are you calling father-in-law?"

    Grand Lord Hong Lian glared at Qianbei Ye before he scoffed and said, "I haven't recognized you as my son-in-law! Even though you've gotten together with my precious daughter, if you wish to make her your wife, you'll have to get past me first!"

    "Yun'er has already promised me that once we've found Mother-in-law, she shall marry me."


    His announcement was like a stroke of lightning on a clear day, crashing into Grand Lord Hong Lian and rendering him unable to make sense of his direction.

    My daughter has agreed to marry this damned kid?

    Grand Lord Hong Lian's heart shattered when he heard Qianbei Ye's words. He then glanced up at the sky sorrowfully, "Yu'er, our daughter is all grown up and she wants to get married now. We haven't even enjoyed domestic bliss with our daughter and she's going to run off with someone else. I had thought that we could have her to ourselves for another two to three years but when a girl is of age, she must be married off. We can't hold her back."

    Qianbei Ye curled his lips at the sight of Grand Lord Hong Lian's sorrowful face, "I have no father or mother and I am all on my own. Therefore, I can be your adopted son-in-law."

    Grand Lord Hong Lian, who was in the midst of sorrow, suddenly revived when he heard this.

    "Are you speaking the truth?"

    Qianbei Ye looked at Grand Lord Hong Lian and slowly replied, "For her sake, I am willing to become an adopted son-in-law."

    That was right, he was willing to become an adopted son-in-law only for Gu Ruoyun's sake.

    Grand Lord Hong Lian began to feel a lot better. At least his daughter would not be snatched away by some random man but had brought one home instead.

    "At least you are tactful enough, kid. However, if you wish to marry my daughter, I'll need to evaluate your behavior." Grand Lord Hong Lian looked at Qianbei Ye and said, "If I ever find out that you've bullied her, I won't let you get away with it!"

    "Don't worry, even without your warning, I know the right thing to do!" A determined light flashed in Qianbei Ye's red eyes. "Besides, I won't let anyone harm her."

    Grand Lord Hong Lian said nothing else as he took one last look at Gu Ruoyun's room before he turned and headed out towards the courtyard.

    However, a smile appeared on his initially cold and grim face as soon as he had turned around.

    He does not wish for Gu Ruoyun to get married so soon because they have finally managed to find each other with great difficulty after being separated for so many years. However, his daughter was about to run off with someone else. Still... If Qianbei Ye was willing to become their adopted son-in-law, that would be another issue entirely.

    Not only will his precious daughter get to stay with him, she would also bring the man into their home too! No matter how he looked at it, it was a beneficial arrangement for him.
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