Chapter 1130: Deep Feelings (8)

    Chapter 1130: Deep Feelings (8)

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    Wait a minute!

    Suddenly, Grand Lord Hong Lian seemed to remember something and a fiery rage rose within his being.

    So what if Qianbei Ye is willing to become our adopted son-in-law? No matter what he says, it does not change the fact that this damned kid had taken advantage of my absence and licked my precious daughter clean.

    To this day, the unfortunate Grand Lord Hong Lian was still not aware that this particular thing he was thinking of has not yet taken place between Gu Ruoyun and Qianbei Ye. All of that had been a lie which was concocted by Qianbei Ye...

    Gu Ruoyun stared at Qianbei Ye who had just walked back into the room. She smiled gently as she asked, "Xiao Ye, do you really plan to become an adopted son-in-law for my father's sake?"

    Clearly, she had overheard their conversation from the room.

    Qianbei Ye stepped forward, pulled Gu Ruoyun into his arms, and replied adoringly, "Yun'er, wherever you go, I'll go too. My home is wherever you are so what's wrong with me becoming an adopted son-in-law? I won't only become an adopted son-in-law, I can give you everything I have. My people are yours and every organization that I've built will become yours as well. As long as it is something that you want, I will bring everything I have and give it to you!"

    Gu Ruoyun's heart softened; this fellow has always treated her this way.

    How fortunate was she to have a man like this?

    "Xiao Ye, what plans do you have after this?"

    Gu Ruoyun lifted her head and stared at the man's peerless features.

    "I only want to keep you company." Qianbei Ye smiled and bent down to gaze upon the woman in his arms. "I'll stay here and keep you company. Once you've broken through to the Martial Saint rank, we'll go to the First City together, alright?"

    Gu Ruoyun gave it some thought before she nodded and said, "Alright, the matters in the Northern Block Territory have pretty much been settled. I've also sent out an announcement for the medicinal herbs needed to refine the Fleshbone Regeneration Pill. In the meantime, I will enter closed-door cultivation as I wait for the medicinal herbs to arrive."

    She had made the trip to the Northern Block Territory simply for the sake of the medicinal herbs needed for the Fleshbone Regeneration Pill. Now that she has united the territory, obtaining the medicinal herbs would be much easier now. All she needed to do was wait!

    "When are you going into closed-door cultivation?"

    Qianbei Ye gazed upon the woman in his arms as he asked.

    "Today." A light flashed in Gu Ruoyun's eyes. "I must reach the Martial Saint rank as soon as possible! Only when I've become a Martial Saint can I access another level of experience! Perhaps the answers I seek lies within the First City."

    Time flew past.

    It was easy for one to forget the time when undergoing cultivation.

    Ever since the Northern Block Territory has been united, the territory has grown in abundance. Within that year, everyone was busy searching for Gu Ruoyun's medicinal herbs and some had even journeyed into the Northern Block Territory's forbidden areas for her sake.

    As for the Lan family who had fallen into Bai Yin's trap a year ago, they had slowly disappeared from everyone's memories.

    At this moment in the Medicine Manor, a powerful force suddenly erupted from Gu Ruoyun's bedchambers. It burst through the air, carrying a forceful and suffocating aura.

    The powerful cultivators in the Northern Block Territory could not stop themselves from rushing towards the sudden burst of powerful energy. They then stared in shock at the powerful hurricane swirling above the Medicine Manor.

    Old Man Jiang, who had been playing chess with Old Man Gu, noticed this as well and laughed bitterly. "That little girl's talent has certainly exceeded our expectations. She has actually broken through to the Martial Saint rank so quickly."

    The Martial Saint rank was an inaccessible position to them at this point in time.
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