Chapter 1131: The Emissaries Of First City (1)

    Chapter 1131: The Emissaries Of First City (1)

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    Perhaps Old Man Jiang had thought to get the younger generation of his family to go after Gu Ruoyun in the beginning. However, no one amongst the Jiang family's younger generation could measure up to the little girl now. Even the most illustrious Jiang Mozhu could not meet her standards either.

    Unconsciously, Old Man Jiang sighed as he glanced at the area where Jiang Mozhu had been using for his closed-door cultivation.

    He knows that ever since Jiang Mozhu had laid his eyes upon Gu Ruoyun, this kid's heart had glided towards her. However, that little girl's talents were far too superior. With the addition of her current position, this kid does not really stand a chance.

    Old Man Gu smiled as he put the chess piece in his hand down. He then remarked, "She has managed to break through to the Martial Saint rank, she'll definitely attract First City's attention now. I believe that First City's emissaries will arrive in Main City very soon..."

    On this mainland, whenever anyone has broken through to the Martial Saint rank, it would become a sensational news. Unless that person was to conceal their breakthrough, like the Master of the Mu family, this matter would fall into First City's ears and the newly-minted MArtial Saint would receive the First City's invitation.

    The Medicine Manor.

    The hurricane slowly subsided and the door to the bedchamber opened slowly. Just as Gu Ruoyun stepped out of the room, she saw a peerless-looking man leaning against a tree.

    The gentle breeze brushed through his silvery hair and made him look like a deity while his red robes fluttered in the wind. The man had turned to face the woman in green who had stepped out from the door. His peerless features then lit up with a smile, "Yun'er, congratulations, you've finally broken through to the Martial Saint rank."

    Gu Ruoyun smiled and slowly approached the man who was leaning against the tree. "Xiao Ye, guests from the First City will arrive very soon. We must make preparations to welcome our honored guests."

    A glint flashed across Gu Ruoyun's eyes.

    Perhaps it was time for her to enter that place now...


    "This should be the place."

    A few days later, a few figures descended from the sky to stand outside the Medicine Manor's gates.

    Standing at the front most of the group was a young man. He has rather average-looking features and was the kind of person whose face would easily get lost in a crowd. However, this man had eyes as sharp as an eagle's. His gaze was incomparably keen and his entire body emits a strong aura.

    Gu Ruoyun had sensed their presence immediately and promptly deactivated the formation. Hence, these people had been able to enter the Medicine Manor unhindered.

    At this moment, a woman in green was sitting bolt upright on a hardwood chair in the Medicine Manor's great hall. Her clear and cold eyes observed the group in white robes as they entered the door. Next to the woman in green was a cold and grim man in crimson robes. He pursed his sharp, knife-like and thin lips, curling it into a disdainful angle.

    It was obvious that Grand Lord Hong Lian does not have a good impression of anyone from the First City, no matter who they may be.

    "I believe that you, sires, are emissaries from the First City?" Grand Lord Hong Lian looked at the young man as he spoke icily.

    Grand Lord Hong Lian may have previously broken through to the Martial Saint rank but due to his constant absence from the Red Lotus Territory, the First City's emissaries would have been greeted by an empty space even if they had paid him a visit. Therefore, this was the first time he had met a high-level emissary from the First City.

    "That's right." The emissary seems to be disgusted with Grand Lord Hong Lian's rudeness. He then frowned and replied in a cold and proud voice, "We have journeyed from the First City and have been known as the guides in the secular world! Only we can guide the cultivators of the secular world like yourselves towards the path that leads to the First City. I am here to congratulate you. You can finally leave this place and journey to the heaven that many cultivators yearn for."
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