Chapter 1133: The Emissaries Of First City (3)

    Chapter 1133: The Emissaries Of First City (3)

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    The emissary took one last look at Gu Ruoyun and her father before he then turned around to head out of the great hall.

    Just as he was about to step out the door, a head full of silvery hair glided across his sight, carrying a gloomy aura that made his heart race.

    Silver hair and crimson robes!

    It was said that not too long ago, a peerless genius had appeared in the First City. No one had known what his name was and all they know was his signifying features! He had a head full of silver hair and was dressed in crimson robes as he drove ten thousand beasts and cut across the vast skies!

    "That must be a coincidence."

    The emissary shook his head. What would a peerless genius of the First City be doing in a place like this? Even though this person has silver hair and red robes as well, he might not be that man...

    He no longer hesitated at the thought of this as he led the group of members from the First City out of the Medicine Manor.


    Qianbei Ye did not bother to give the emissary a second glance as he walked towards Gu Ruoyun. His red eyes landed upon the gold token in front of her and his lips curled into an angle. "You have the token now, it's time we make our way towards the First City."

    Gu Ruoyun nodded and turned towards Grand Lord Hong Lian and said, "Father, do you have any plans?"

    Grand Lord Hong Lian thought for a moment before he slowly replied, "I need to make a trip back to the Red Lotus Territory and make my preparations. I'll look for you in the First City once I'm done! Perhaps your mother is waiting for us there."

    If Qianbei Ye had not been here, Grand Lord Hong Lian would never have let Gu Ruoyun risk her life and brave the dangers in the First City alone.

    Now, he could clearly sense that this man's power has grown to a substantial degree. At least, at this point in time, the Grand Lord was no longer of any match for him.

    With this man by Gu Ruoyun's side, he would be able to leave peacefully.

    "Alright." Gu Ruoyun nodded. "I need to make a few arrangements as well. We'll leave for the First City tomorrow."

    Before the cultivators of the First City had arrived, the people of the Northern Block Territory have found the medicinal herbs that she needed. Now, it was time for her to start refining the Fleshbone Regeneration Pill.


    Based on Gu Ruoyun's current level of power, refining the Fleshbone Regeneration Pill would no longer pose a problem for her. Hence, after Grand Lord Hong Lian left, she immediately entered the Ancient Divine Pagoda to refine the pill. This pill did not take up too much of her time and was successfully refined.

    As Gu Ruoyun stared at the sparkling and translucent jade-green pill, she slowly exhaled and said, "The refinement process was a success. I'll give this to Yu'er for consumption now."

    Over these past few days, Yu'er's arm had been an aching pain in her heart. Now, this sore point could be released...

    The Medicine Manor.

    The light of the sun was shining in the courtyard as Xia Linyu stood bold upright outside the gate. His clear, limpid eyes have never left the tightly shut door and his delicate features showed a sense of concern. Just as he was about to move, the room's door slowly opened.

    "Yu'er?" Gu Ruoyun did not expect Xia Linyu to appear in front of her door. She was shocked before she gently raised her brows, "What are you doing here?"

    "Sister..." Xia Linyu gently lowered his eyes and his long lashes concealed the emotions in them. "Are you heading to the First City?"

    Gu Ruoyun fell silent for a moment before she slowly nodded, "I want to search for our mother in this life."

    "Sister..." Xia Linyu lifted his head as if he had made a decision and his clear, limpid eyes which were like pools of water fixed upon Gu Ruoyun. He then said, "I don't wish to remain hidden under your wings for the rest of my life so I won't be following you to the First City this time. I want to train myself and grow. Only then will I be under favorable circumstances."
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