Chapter 1135: The Emissaries Of First City (5)

    Chapter 1135: The Emissaries Of First City (5)

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    It was a good thing that Gu Ruoyun had been successful in refining that pill.

    "Yu'er, I'll be leaving tomorrow. I'm leaving Wei Yiyi and the others to take care of the Northern Block Territory. If you ever feel tired in the outside world, you can come back here for a rest. Not even the cultivators from the First City can harm you in the Northern Block Territory."

    Before Gu Ruoyun heads off, she would hand the formation over to Wei Yiyi. With this formation in place, even the members of First City could forget about killing anyone in the Medicine Manor!

    "I understand." Xia Linyu's heart was filled with emotion. However, when he remembered how Gu Ruoyun was about to leave, his eyes filled with reluctance. "Sister, you must wait for me in the First City. I will rush right over to meet you."

    "Alright, I'll be waiting for you."

    Gu Ruoyun had gazed upon the young man's delicate features as she replied clearly.


    The Secret Order.

    A faint white mist covered the place, turning it into a fairyland in the human world. A woman in white who had been sitting cross-legged with her eyes closed suddenly opened her eyes. She then turned her gaze towards an old woman who had stepped towards her on the clouds. The woman in white slowly rose to her feet and said, "Master."

    "Yu'er," The old woman paused and staring lovingly down at the absolutely beautiful woman in white robes. She then said, "I had once promised you that once your closed-door cultivation has ended, I would let you leave the Secret Order. The time has come and I should fulfill my promise to you as well. You can now leave this place and go find your husband and children."

    It was as if a warm sunlight had shone down from the skies, melting the woman in white's cold-as-ice expression and filling her with gentleness and softness. The smile on her face could move one's heart.

    "Yes, Master."

    It has been over twenty years...

    Now, I can finally leave this place and look for my family.

    Furthermore, I can make those who have harmed my family pay the most painful price!

    "Go. As the Sacred Lady of the Secret Order, your position is set on high. You should not have had to suffer the abuse of others in the first place! You can make others pay for the pain you've endured but the Secret Order can't help you. You must exact your revenge on your own!"

    The old woman looked at the woman in white robes as her eyes filled with love. After all these years, she had long seen this woman as her own daughter. Now that her daughter was about to leave her, how could she not feel reluctant?

    The woman in white wished to speak but the words did not come in the end. She lowered her body and knelt on the ground before bowing towards the old woman. She then said, "Master, thank you for saving my life that year. Without you, the Dongfang Yu today would not exist! I will never forget your kindness! Once I've found my family, I will return to the Secret Order."

    A satisfied smile appeared on the old woman's face and she nodded gently. "Yu'er, there's one more thing I must tell you. No matter what you do in the world outside, you must never let anyone find out about your identity in the Secret Order! Otherwise, if anyone finds out about your identity as the Sacred Lady of the Secret Order, there will be a lot of trouble!"

    The Secret Order was indeed very powerful in the First City. Even the First City's administrators would need to leave some form of sensibilities for the Secret Order. However, the Secret Order had concealed itself from the world for many years. If anyone were to discover Dongfang Yu's identity, complications would arise.

    More importantly, this was related to very person the Secret Order had been controlling!

    That person has been under the Secret Order's guard for over ten thousand years yet they could not prove that he no longer has any remaining confederates left in First City. If word of Dongfang Yu's identity as their Sacred Lady got out, danger may arrive!
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