Chapter 1136: The Emissaries Of First City (6)

    Chapter 1136: The Emissaries Of First City (6)

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    This was what the old woman was most concerned about.

    "I understand, Master."

    Dongfang Yu rose to her feet and joined her fists towards the old woman before she turned around and left.

    However, just then, something tugged at her trousers suddenly, causing her to pause in her footsteps.


    The white dragon let out a low groan and his eyes were fileld with reluctance as he stared pitifully at her.

    Dongfang Yu's heart softened instantly. She stroked the white dragon's head and the cold light on her face has long disappeared, replaced by a gentleness like the spring breeze. "I'm going out to find my family, I'll be back very soon."

    The white dragon opened his mouth sulkily before licking Dongfang Yu's hand as he continued to stare at her in a broken-heartedly.

    Dongfang Yu hardened her heart and did not give the white dragon's pitiful eyes a second glance. She then turned around and headed down the mountain. Now, each time she thought of how she would soon meet the man whom she had longed for day and night, her heart would fill with excitement. In the end, she took a deep breath and turned to look at the sky, gently murmuring, "Brother Tian, I'm coming for you very soon..."

    It has been more than twenty years!

    No one knew what she has had to endure these past twenty years!

    If it had not been for the strength she had gathered from her longing for her family, she would not have been able to stand it at all! Time had hung heavily during her cultivation on this mountain. There has not been a moment when she did not wish to leave this place to search for her family.

    Now, she could finally walk out of the Secret Order and journey towards the mainland that she had been away from for more than twenty years...


    First City.

    This was the most mysterious part on the East Peak Mainland and was located in a completely different dimension. If someone wishes to enter the First City, they must first hold the token granted to them by the First City! Otherwise, no one could enter the First City's threshold so easily!

    At this moment, a man and a woman paused in their steps at the outskirts of the First City's space.

    At first glance, one could see that the woman, who was dressed in green, has delicate features. She was clearly beautiful and pristine. Her black eyes held a cold and clear light as they stared at the tightly-shut great dimensional door before her. No one could tell what she was thinking.

    A man with silvery hair and red robes was standing by her side. This man has features that could topple nations; his red eyes were like those of a demon and were tantalizing and seductive. However, when he gazed upon the woman in green next to him, a fascinating smile would appear on his lips.

    Following their appearance, the people around them could not help but turn their eyes towards them. Some found it difficult to turn away.

    "Xiao Ye." Gu Ruoyun shrugged her shoulders and chuckled, "I sense that these women around us want to swallow you whole."

    Qianbei Ye wrinkled his brows as his red eyes stared indifferently at the women who were staring at him. A gloomy light flashed in his eyes and magnified the cold and eerie aura from within his being. It made the women who had been staring at him shiver and quickly turn away.

    It looks like this man was pretty powerful, it was best not to provoke him...

    "I believe that the both of you have arrived in the First City for the first time?"

    Of course, there were a few overly daring women who had completely ignored Qianbei Ye's eerie aura. They bent their slim waists and stepped forward, displaying what they thought was a seductive smile and said, "Let me introduce myself, I am Wu Mei'er, a disciple of the Charm Sect. You are welcome to seek me out at the Charm Sect if anyone causes trouble for you in the First City."

    Even though she was speaking to the both of them, her eyes were fixed upon Qianbei Ye from the beginning and her drooling expression was clear for all to see.
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