Chapter 1140: An Acquaintance (2)

    Chapter 1140: An Acquaintance (2)

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    Once someone has broken through to the Martial Saint rank, the difficulty in their cultivation will increase exponentially. Even in the First City, reaching the state of the ninth transformation was limited to those who were at the peak of existence.

    Mid-ranked powers such as Wind Valley only need one refined state Martial Saint to keep watch.


    Gu Ruoyun hummed as her gaze suddenly pierced through the crowd in front of her. She noticed a figure in the middle of the crowd and was completely shocked.

    "What's he doing there?"

    A young man was standing with his hands on his hips in the middle of the crowd as he glared fiercely at a group of people in front of him. He bellowed angrily, "You better get out of the way before I treat you with discourtesy!"

    "Haha, you would dare to treat us with discourtesy?" Another young man who was the leader of the group burst into laughter. A murderous intent then flashed in the corner of his eyes. "Hurry up and hand over the medicinal herbs you've collected. Otherwise, I will let you experience the meaning of a fate worse than death!"

    "Do you think that I scare easily?" The young man laughed with disdain. His entire face was filled with arrogance as he replied, "You bunch of uglies, get out of my way! You're all just standing here and hindering my eyesight."

    "Damned kid, if you won't do this the easy way, we shall do this the hard way!"

    A gloomy light flashed across the second young man's eyes. He then waved his hand fiercely and exclaimed icily, "Since you refuse to hand over the medicinal herbs, the rest of you, I want you to slaughter this kid! Let's see if he still dares to act tough!"

    "Yes, Eldest Sir."

    Upon hearing this, the group of people who were dressed in black charged towards the young man.

    The young man hugged the lingzhi-shaped medicinal herbs against his chest. His black eyes glared fiercely at them while he stumbled back continuously.

    It had been so difficult for him to obtain these medicinal herbs. Bodyguard Gu would love them very much for sure. He certainly was not going to give them to these people!


    His body accidentally bumped into a tree and a droplet of sweat rolled down the young man's forehead. He no longer has any room to back away now and the arm hugging the lingzhi clutched the herbs a little tighter.

    "Damned kid, are you really gonna be that stubborn?"

    The second young man narrowed his eyes and glared at the first young man icily.

    The cornered young man scoffed and said nothing more. The look on his face fully described everything he wishes to say. He would never hand over the medicinal herbs no matter what.

    "Fine! Don't blame us for being vicious and merciless. All of you, attack! Kill him!"

    The second young man issued his final order and a cruel smile formed on the corner of his lips. It was as if he could already picture the other man lying on a pool of blood.

    Just as the group closed in on the handsome young man, a clear and cold voice chimed in from behind them, "Who are you guys trying to kill?"

    That voice fell into the young man's ears as if they have been separated by a few centuries.

    It rooted his slender body involuntarily to the ground. He raised his gaze in disbelief before his excited and shocked eyes landed upon the woman in green. In that moment, his heart trembled.

    "Who are you? Are you trying to meddle in other people's business?" The second young man eyed the two people approaching him but paid no heed to them.

    Gu Ruoyun smiled but her smile did not reach her eyes which were covered in an icy chill.

    "I don't want to meddle but, rather unluckily for you, this fellow is an old friend of mine. Therefore, I have no choice but to meddle."
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