Chapter 1141: An Acquaintance (3)

    Chapter 1141: An Acquaintance (3)

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    The young man scoffed icily. He then spoke disdainfully, "So you're in cahoots with this damned kid. Since that's the case, none of you will have the chance to leave! You dared to steal a medicinal herb that I like, what audacity. Don't you know that I plan to give this herb to the Limitless Great Master? However, I guess people like you would never be able to gain the favor of a cultivator who can refine pills like the Limitless Great Master!"

    The First City was very different from the secular world. The lifespan of the First City's cultivators was particularly long and their powers were also strong. Hence, First City was not like the secular world where pill masters were virtually non-existent. The secular world has always considered pill masters as mythical figures because the First City was a sealed-off world on its own. Outsiders were completely unable to understand the situation within it.

    Hence, when the First City's members discovered that the secular world considers pill masters as myths, they laughed at the secular world's stupidity and ignorance.

    Of course, pill masters were just as precious in the First City. If someone was successfully able to refine a pill, they would receive many invitations from various forces! Furthermore, no organization would dare cross a pill master.

    Gu Ruoyun smiled gently as her clear and cold gaze landed upon the young man. She then curled her lips indifferently as she said, "I have no interest in that Limitless Great Master nor do I wish to gain his favor. All I can see is you trying to harm my old friend."

    "You are indeed a bumpkin from god-knows-where to not have heard of someone like the Limitless Great Master." The young man laughed icily before waving his hand and ordering, "Forget about that kid for now, deal with these two first! I want them to understand the consequences of offending me."

    "Yes, Eldest Sir."

    Hearing this, the group released the young man and charged towards Gu Ruoyun and Qianbei Ye in unison.

    At that moment, Gu Ruoyun has already sized up every single one of their powers! Aside from the young man who was their leader and had broken through to the rank of an early-stage Martial Saint, the rest were merely high-level Martial Supremes! Xiao Ye simply does not need to step in for these people, she could take care of them herself.

    Gu Ruoyun's body began to move when she thought of this...

    She was like a gentle gust of wind as she traveled back and forth in front of everyone.

    The crowd was shocked. Just as those people were about to seize Gu Ruoyun, all they could see was a longsword piercing directly into their chests. Blood then splattered from their bodies and they never even saw how Gu Ruoyun had done it before they all collapsed into a pool of blood.

    "An early-stage Martial Saint?"

    The young man looked at Gu Ruoyun and smirked, "So what if you're an early-stage Martial Saint? I'm a Martial Saint too and you're no match for me!"


    The young man swiftly drew his sword from its sheath at his waist and appeared in front of Gu Ruoyun in a flash.

    A cold light shone from within his longsword which was accompanied by a merciless light in his gaze which made one shudder with fear.


    Just as the sword in his hand was about to pierce through Gu Ruoyun's chest, a powerful force exploded from the woman's body. It raised a sandstorm and pushed the young man several steps back.

    The young man straightened up his body and stared gloomily at Gu Ruoyun.

    He then saw something which nearly caused him to burst into laughter...

    The woman in green robes who was standing tall amidst the gentle wind had produced a sword from thin air. There was nothing funny about that but the sword was actually a broken sword which had been left with only a hilt...
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