Chapter 1143: An Acquaintance (5)

    Chapter 1143: An Acquaintance (5)

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    "Ye Nuo, I've finally found you! What are you doing here?"

    Just as Gu Ruoyun had asked her question, a gentle voice sounded from the underbrush behind them.

    A woman dressed in light yellow muslin robes then appeared from the bushes. She has soft and pretty features while her body was slender and delicate with a small and petite waist. She has a fragile frame which could melt one's heart.

    However, if one were to assume that she was a weakling based on her appearance, one would be sorely mistaken!

    Gu Ruoyun could sense that this woman was very powerful! She was much more powerful than the powerful Lin family cultivators whom she had encountered!

    The yellow-robed woman noticed the bodies lying in a pool of blood on the ground and was mildly shocked. However, she did not say much. Instead, her gaze landed on Ye Nuo.

    "Mm." Ye Nuo looked at the yellow-robed woman behind him and replied, "I've found the person that I've been searching for so I'll be leaving with her now."


    The yellow-robed woman's eyes turned to look at Gu Ruoyun. A light then flashed in the corner of her eyes. When she turned towards Qianbei Ye, a clear sense of shock appeared in her gaze.

    It was obvious that she had never seen such a peerless and heart-moving man all her life. However, it was unfortunate that the vicious currents surrounding this man were far too heavy. Not many people would be able to control him...

    "A member from the Charm Sect?"

    Gu Ruoyun's clear and cold eyes darkened at the sight of the mark on the yellow-robed woman.

    She did not expect to run into another member of the Charm Sect after entering the First City. However, these people were not at the same rank as the ones she had bumped into at the interdimensional door.

    She could not understand why Ye Nuo had mixed around with members of the Charm Sect!

    "Is this lady the woman you've been searching for, Ye Nuo?" The yellow-robed woman covered her lips and giggled before she replied with a charming smile, "I haven't introduced myself. My name is Rong Yue and I'm from the Charm Sect. I had bumped into Ye Nuo by accident while I was away from the First City. I heard that he was looking for someone and decided to help him. Now, it looks like my work is done."

    Even though the yellow-robed woman was smiling at Gu Ruoyun, she does not know why but she felt very uncomfortable. Perhaps it has something to do with the Charm Sect's cultivation method.

    "Bodyguard Gu."

    Ye Nuo approached Gu Ruoyun excitedly and intended to tug on her sleeves. However, when Ye Nuo's eyes met Qianbei Ye's bloodthirsty gaze, he meekly put his hand away.

    "I've been through a lot to find you so you can't just throw me aside."

    Gu Ruoyun did not respond to Ye Nuo's words. Instead, she fixed her gaze upon the yellow-robed woman who was called Rong Yue. A light flashed in her eyes as she spoke, "Thank you very much for taking care of Ye Nuo for me. Ye Nuo, let's go."


    When Rong Yue noticed that Gu Ruoyun was about to turn around and leave, she quickly called out to stop her. "Miss, may I ask if you know the way down? Besides, there are countless fearsome spiritual beasts in this mountain forest. Perhaps you could journey onwards with the Charm Sect, what do you think?"

    "Bodyguard Gu," Ye Nuo blinked as he said. "Rong Yue is right. There are many late-stage Martial Saint spiritual beasts in this forest. Why don't we continue with them and separate once we've reached the bottom of the mountain."

    Gu Ruoyun glanced at Ye Nuo before she turned to face Rong Yue. After a long pause, she slowly nodded. "That's fine too."

    "Miss, I haven't asked for your names."

    Upon receiving Gu Ruoyun's reply, Rong Yue had chuckled softly and asked in a friendly manner.
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