Chapter 1145: An Acquaintance (7)

    Chapter 1145: An Acquaintance (7)

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    "I don't want to."

    Ye Nuo rejected Rong Yue without hesitation. He then inched closer towards Gu Ruoyun and declared cockily, "I want to sleep with bodyguard Gu."

    However, just as he had spoken, a dark and gloomy wind sliced across him, pushing him several meters away.

    Qianbei Ye pulled Gu Ruoyun into his arms as he stared coldly and darkly at Ye Nuo. "Scram!" He bellowed as a warning.

    Poor Ye Nuo had been scared witless by Qianbei Ye. He no longer dared to have any thoughts of impropriety and could only stare in grief at Gu Ruoyun. His pitiful look made one feel absolutely heartbroken.

    Gu Ruoyun turned away as if she had not seen anything.


    A light flashed across Gu Ruoyun's eyes when her gaze landed upon Rong Yue.

    Unless I'm mistaken, this woman had a particularly ugly look on her face when Ye Nuo had rejected her.

    It seems that the Charm Sect has ulterior motives in helping Ye Nuo...


    It was night time. The dim light of the night was like water, quiet and titilating.

    In the tent, Xue Ling looked at Rong Yue who was now dressed in light yellow robes and asked in confusion, "Senior Sister Rong Yue, why had you allowed those two to follow the Charm Sect's group? Are we supposed to protect them after they had treated the Charm Sect's disciples in that manner?"

    "Protect them?"

    Rong Yue chuckled softly, her smile was no longer as gentle as it was during the daytime. In fact, it now has a disdainful look.

    "You are mistaken, I had asked them to join the Charm Sect's group because I don't want Ye Nuo to leave. Even after we leave the forest, I'll find a way to make them follow the Charm Sect! I will never allow Ye Nuo to leave!"

    Xue Ling was shocked. "Senior Sister Rong Yue, I still don't get it. Why are you protecting Ye Nuo so much?" She asked in confusion. "Since you wouldn't even let the Charm Sect disciples do anything to him?"

    Rong Yue's eyes darkened. She seemed to slip into her memories as she slowly replied, "I've heard the news that Ye Nuo is from the Banished Lands! Furthermore, he is the spitting image of that person so he must be a direct offspring of the Ye family in the Banished Lands!"

    "The Ye family?"

    Xue Ling still could not understand what Rong Yue was talking about and could only stare at her in astonishment.

    "I know his father." Rong Yue laughed bitterly before she continued, "Unfortunately, his father had always looked down on me. He probably never thought that I would run into some good fortune, break through to the Martial Saint rank and enter the First City. I've even received an important position in the Charm Sect! In the past, I've had no chance with his father so I must have his son 1  !"

    Rong Yue's mentality had become twisted. In the past, she had not been able to obtain the man that she loved so she must now have his son.

    Furthermore, Ye Nuo looks way too much like a younger version of his father, he was almost an exact copy of him.

    How could she not love him?

    "Senior Sister Rong Yue, since you want that kid, why don't you..."

    The meaning behind Xue Ling's words was very obvious, she was implying for Rong Yue to lick Ye Nuo clean and alleviate the years of longing she has had for his father.

    Rong Yue shook her head. "He's still too young, how can I bear to have him at a time like this? I want to provide for him until he's old enough then make him my husband. Xue Ling, you watch over those people for me. Don't give them any opportunities to escape."

    "Yes, Senior Sister Rong Yue."

    Xue Ling joined her fists and replied respectfully.

    If Ye Nuo was to find out about Rong Yue's true intentions, he would definitely sprout curses.
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