Chapter 1149: A Conspiracy Is Exposed (4)

    Chapter 1149: A Conspiracy Is Exposed (4)

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    Ye Nuo knows Qianbei Ye's character very well. Unless that person had provoked him completely, he would never react so murderously! This woman must have done something which would cause him to reach the end of his patience.


    Rong Yue, who had just rushed over, smiled icily when she saw everything. Her icy cold gaze no longer held her previous gentleness as she fixed her cold and distant gaze upon Qianbei Ye who was in the tent. "The Charm Sect had taken you in out of the kindness of our hearts and this is how you treat the disciples of the Charm Sect?"

    Rong Yue did not need to overanalyze things to understand that Xue Ling's plan had failed and had caused this mess.

    Hence, she cursed Xue Ling fiercely in her mind. She couldn't even seduce a man and she had the cheek to call herself a disciple of the Charm Sect?

    "Senior Sister."


    Xue Ling's body landed heavily onto the ground. Her voice was very weak and her eyes were filled with hatred. "I had treated them horribly so... So I had followed your suggestion and apologized to them. Who would have thought... Who would have thought that this man had ended up taking a fancy to my good looks so he wanted to make me his concubine? I refused... He was then shamed into anger and tried to kill me."

    Even if she was going to die, she was never going to let those two go in peace!

    Rong Yue laughed icily and a murderous intent came whirling out from her body. She then exclaimed frostily, "I never thought that you would turn out to be worse than animals. It's a good thing that I didn't lead you back to the Charm Sect. I had thought of escorting you all safely out of here on account of Ye Nuo but your actions in harming the Charm Sect's disciples clearly shows that you place no importance upon the Charm Sect! I seriously don't know how Ye Nuo had ended up befriending people like you!"

    She knows that Xue Ling was lying but how could she let such a good opportunity to pry Ye Nuo away from those two slip by?

    As long as Ye Nuo knows that these two were less than animals, he would certainly sever his relationship with them. By then, he would belong to her alone!

    "Bodyguard Gu, what's the meaning of this?" Ye Nuo turned towards Gu Ruoyun and asked again.

    Gu Ruoyun shrugged her shoulders, "What do you think happened?"

    Ye Nuo fell momentarily silent before he raised his small, delicately handsome face and replied, "I don't believe her. This woman must have tried to seduce Qianbei Ye so he had killed her! Am I right, bodyguard Gu?"

    "Congratulations, you've got the right answer." Gu Ruoyun chuckled gently as she turned her gaze towards Ye Nuo.

    "Ye Nuo."

    Rong Yue furrowed her willowy brows and she attempted to pull Ye Nuo to her side but to no avail. Just as her hand was about to land on Ye Nuo, he darted away from her.

    Her expression froze. Her palm was suspended in mid-air and the atmosphere was very awkward.

    "Ye Nuo, don't you trust me anymore?" Rong Yue softened her tone and tried to speak as gently as she could. "How has the Charm Sect treated you over the past few days? Are you saying that you're going to choose these two at a time like this?"

    Ye Nuo wrinkled his graceful brows, "The Charm Sect has indeed treated me well but I'd trust bodyguard Gu even more."

    "Ye Nuo!" Rong Yue was mildly irritated now. She never expected Ye Nuo to make such a decision!

    What's so good about this woman that Ye Nuo would put so must trust in her? Even after they've killed a member of the Charm Sect, he would still choose to trust these two!

    "Let me tell you this, you are not allowed to leave with them no matter what!"

    Rong Yue has completely discarded all pretenses now. She then reached out again and grabbed Ye Nuo's arm in an attempt to pull him to her side.

    "Let me go!"

    Ye Nuo's expression sank. He tried to fling Rong Yue away but could not seem to swat her arm out of the way. In his panic, tears began to roll down his face. "Bodyguard Gu, help me!"
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