Chapter 1151: A Conspiracy Is Exposed (6)

    Chapter 1151: A Conspiracy Is Exposed (6)

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    "What are you trying to do?"

    Rong Yue had to take a deep breath in order to spit out those words.

    "Did I give you permission to leave?" Qianbei Ye laughed icily as the murderous intent from his body circled into the air, causing the entire tent to collapse. "The Charm Sect has provoked me time and time again. Since that's the case, there's no need for you to leave."

    "They say that anyone can make mistakes so forgive them when possible. Aren't you going too far by treating the Charm Sect in this manner?" Rong Yue held her breath with great difficulty as she glared coldly at Qianbei Ye.


    Qianbei Ye's blood-red eyes swept across Rong Yue. Instantly, Rong Yue, who was now paralyzed on the ground, felt as if a large rock had fallen from the sky and was crushing her body. Not only did she feel suffocated, a cracking noise could be heard from all the bones in her body.

    "Gu Ruoyun, Qianbei Ye!"

    Rong Yue gritted her teeth angrily and screamed furiously, "If I leave this place alive, I will ensure that you die a horrible death!"

    "I'm afraid that you will never have the opportunity now."


    Smash, smash. smash!

    Waves of energy continued to crash down onto Rong Yue until her face twisted with agony. Her vicious glare was like a poisonous dagger as she aimed it towards Gu Ruoyun who was standing behind Qianbei Ye.

    "Bodyguard Gu, I'm scared. Protect me."

    Ye Nuo shrank back several steps as he stared at Rong Yue fearfully. He never thought that the usually gentle Rong Yue could display such a vicious expression.

    "Didn't you plan to have Ye Nuo and you also taught Xue Ling how to seduce Xiao Ye?" Gu Ruoyun smiled. A clear and cold light shone from her eyes as she continued, "Oh, that's right. You even said that worthless people have no right to live on this earth so you had wanted to kill me?"

    Rong Yue instantly widened her eyes. Her gaze filled with shock.

    How had she overheard my conversation with Xue Ling?

    How could this be?

    How could she have heard us?

    Rong Yue shivered at the thought of this.  No wonder Qianbei Ye would murder Xue Ling so cruelly. It was because this woman had eavesdropped on our conversation! Which also means that Ye Nuo has found out about my scheme...

    Qianbei Ye's gaze has turned even gloomier. Last night, Gu Ruoyun had only told him about how Xue Ling had planned to seduce him. She did not mention that the Charm Sect had planned to kill her!


    As Rong Yue sensed the rising amount of murderous intent from Qianbei Ye's body, she finally felt afraid. She quickly opened her mouth to cry for help but it was too late. Before she could make a sound, the man's hand had landed fiercely onto her forehead, smashing her head into pieces with one hit. Blood and brain matter instantly spurted out, spilling all over the ground.

    "Senior Sister Rong Yue!"

    The Charm Sect disciples shrieked at the sight of the Rong Yue's horrific death. They were about to rush towards her but hesitated when they saw Qianbei Ye's gaze on them.


    There was only one thing left on their mind.

    As long as they could escape, they could return to the Charm Sect and ask the Sect Master to avenge Senior Sister Rong Yue!

    The crowd looked at each other at the thought before they turned around and tried to escape.

    "Tsk, tsk, tsk."

    Suddenly, a childish-sounding laugh sounded before an adorable and petite little lolita appeared above them from out of nowhere.

    "Did you all think that you could escape from my cage?"


    Instantly, a flaming cage rose from the ground, trapping the Charm Sect disciples before they could escape. The flames on top of the cage began to slowly expand from above, placing all of them in the middle of a sea of flames.
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