Chapter 1157: Wounded (5)

    Chapter 1157: Wounded (5)

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    Pill formulas were extremely important to a pill master. Whenever a pill master obtains a new pill formula, they would need to study it for a while before they could refine a pill.

    Hence, this was how pill refinement competitions were conducted in the First City. Each party would bring out their own pill formula and exchange them. The opponent would then have to refine the pill based on the formula that they have obtained! The one who fails to do so will lose! Since this means that others would get to take a look at their own pill formula, not many people would initiate a pill refinement competition!

    Bai Zhongtian would never have done this unless he had reached his limit.

    "You mean that I'd win if I can refine a pill based on your pill formula?" Gu Ruoyun raised her brow and looked at Great Master Wu Yin as she asked indifferently.

    Great Master Wu Yin looked absolutely arrogant as he replied icily, "No! If you manage to refine my pill, you are only considered to be my equal. You can only win if you can produce another pill formula and I was to fail to refine a pill from your formula."


    Gu Ruoyun smiled, "What are your stakes?"

    "The loser will become the victor's servant and shall listen to their orders for the rest of their life."

    "Remember your word." Gu Ruoyun mildly lowered her eyelids as a cold light flashed across her eyes. "If I win, you will become my Master's servant! You shall then serve him for the rest of your life!"

    "That's fine by me as long as you can win!"

    Great Master Wu Yin laughed disdainfully. He simply did not believe that this little girl could defeat him.

    Mainly because this little girl was Bai Zhongtian's disciple. Bai Zhongtian had lost to him so what abilities would his disciple have to ensure success at all?

    A disciple who was more capable than their Master? That would be completely impossible!

    This was the reason why Great Master Wu Yin has such great confidence in the competition.

    "Little girl," said Bai Zhongtian as he wrinkled his brow. His gaze filled with anxiety as he continued, "This fellow is very powerful. I could not understand the pill formula that he had produced so you must be careful. If you really can't do it, forget it."

    Gu Ruoyun smiled but said nothing. She then headed towards the center of the plaza and casually picked up the pill formula on the table.

    After just one glance, she put the pill formula down.

    "I can refine this pill now. However, you'd better not forget your promise."

    Gu Ruoyun exhaled and the crowd watched as she picked up the medicinal herbs on the side. She then placed them into the pill cauldron one by one...

    Everyone could not stop themselves from laughing disdainfully. This little girl really knows how to talk big, she actually claims that she can refine a pill now! This is just a joke. This was something that her Master could not accomplish, how could she possibly do it?

    Under most circumstances, the Master should be more powerful than the disciple. The disciple could not possibly surpass the Master.

    Not much time has passed. Just as everyone was waiting for a good show, the woman who was refining the pill stopped working and her calm voice rang out in every ear.

    "I'm done."

    She's done?

    The crowd widened their eyes as they stared at Gu Ruoyun in astonishment.

    What did she just say? Has she refined a pill, just like that?

    How much time has passed? Even Great Master Wu Yin can't possibly have been able to refine a pill just like that!

    Gu Ruoyun's attitude was like a tight slap across their faces, silencing them completely. The entire plaza was so quiet that one could hear the sound of the wind very clearly.

    All they could see was the cover of the pill cauldron being lifted up before a few pills flew right out of it, landing in the palm of her hand...
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