Chapter 1161: Meeting the Lin Family Again (2)

    Chapter 1161: Meeting the Lin Family Again (2)

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    "I don't know, perhaps she's from a great organization. Those great organizations have a large number of powerful cultivators so nurturing such a young genius won't be a problem for them."

    "That can't be right, isn't that fellow Bai Zhongtian her Master? If she's really from one of those organizations, her Master shouldn't be that weak, correct? Could it be that she's a self-made genius?"

    A self-made genius?

    The crowd sneered. A self-made genius? How can this be?

    Even pill masters whose fame had spread far and wide would have had to study the art of pill refinement for more than ten years to be able to refine pills successfully! How old was that little girl? How could it be that she has become a pill master after studying a few books?

    Aren't these the ravings of a lunatic?

    Matters like this which are contrary to common sense can't possibly happen at all.

    At Overlook Town.

    A short, tile-roofed house stood in the middle of a mountain not too far away from town. Its surroundings were deserted and weeds were growing everywhere, vastly different from the hustle and bustle of Overlook Town.

    "Old fart, you're staying at a place like this?" Bai Zhongtian was a little shocked. Based on Great Master Wu Yin's status, why would he live in such a pathetic tile-roofed house? One should know that the number of organizations who wish to recruit him was too many to count.

    Yet he has chosen to live in seclusion.

    Great Master Wu Yin glanced at him indifferently before he replied arrogantly, "I don't like places with too much noise. This place is much quieter and more beneficial to my cultivation. Besides, we've known each other for so many years. Don't you know what I'm like? I don't like fame or fortune. My entire life is dedicated to studying the existence of pills. It's a good thing that I've succeeded! Of course, my success is closely related to the lack of nonsensical distractions to my mind."

    He preferred the silence in the mountains in contrast to the hustle and bustle of the world outside. He would only be able to study the art of pill refinement whole-heartedly in the quiet here.

    "Someone is here!"

    Suddenly, Great Master Wu Yin's eyes moved. He paused in his steps and his elderly features instantly filled with an icy chill while his eyes looked around keenly.


    At that moment, countless figures descended from the sky and stood in front of the group.

    One of the figures was dressed in green robes. His aura was like a sharp sword as if he was in the middle of killing a formless man.

    However, Great Master Wu Yin did not move at all. His face was as cold and distant as ever as he said, "You again! I've told you, I like living in solitude and I won't join any other organization. You'd better leave now."

    The man in green robes mildly sharpened his gaze as a cold light flashed in his eyes. "Great Master Wu Yin, as long as you join the Lin family, we will allow you to continue living in solitude. No one will disturb you under normal circumstances."

    The Lin family?

    Gu Ruoyun's heart shook violently when she heard those words. A murderous intent immediately flashed in her dark eyes.

    However, the members of the Lin family clearly did not recognize Gu Ruoyun. All their eyes were fixed on Great Master Wu Yin.

    "Apologies," came Great Master Wu Yin's cold reply. "I'm not interested in the Lin family. You don't have to come here anymore!"

    "Great Master Wu Yin, if you join the Lin family, you will receive gold, silver, money, and valuables. You can taste the glory, splendor, wealth, and rank which many will never be able to enjoy! More importantly, the Lin family will search for whatever medicinal herbs you need. I hope that you can think it over carefully, you shouldn't give up on such a good opportunity. After all, staying here all on your own is very dangerous. What if you were to encounter some ruffians, no one would be able to run to you when you call for help."
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