Chapter 1167: A Person Not To Be Trifled With (1)

    Chapter 1167: A Person Not To Be Trifled With (1)

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    Gu Ruoyun was now surrounded by the crowd. It was impenetrable and there was absolutely no way out! However, there was no sign of anxiety on her face. Her expression had stayed calm throughout.

    "You've finally decided to attack together?" Her voice was serene and indifferent as it echoed slowly throughout the forest. "That's good too, let's finish this fight quickly."


    The aura within the woman's body stirred. It was an extremely shocking sight as if a myriad of mountains and rivers had just moved! Wind and rain gathered as it whistled towards the Lin family members...


    The broken sword's energy sliced across the frontmost row of cultivators. Before they could react, they felt a piercing pain in their chests. When they lowered their heads to check, they saw a gash on their chest with fresh blood sputtering continuously from the wound.

    The crowd then watched as they crumpled to the ground...

    The man in green's face has thoroughly changed. His eyes were now filled with shock.

    The attack he had just received could be considered as unavoidable but these people were early-stage Martial Saints! Yet they had been attacked by the broken sword before they could even react?

    Where on earth had that broken sword come from? How could it emit such a powerful energy?

    Gu Ruoyun put the broken sword away as she looked at the Lin family members who were charging towards her. A thick murderous intent rose in her clear and cold eyes.

    As if they could sense the murderous aura from Gu Ruoyun, the group quickly paused and stood several meters away from her. They did not dare to make any sudden moves, afraid that they would end up like the first few who had fallen into a pool of blood before they could even react.

    "What kind of a person are you?"

    The man in green's face was a particularly ugly shade as his eyes glared at Gu Ruoyun fixedly.

    Gu Ruoyun did not say much as she slowly approached the man in green. She was holding the blood-drenched broken sword in her hand and with each step that she took, the murderous aura from within her became stronger and stronger.

    "Little girl, if you wish to kill me, I'm afraid that it won't be that easy."

    The man in green sneered. He had absolutely no fear of Gu Ruoyun who was slowly approaching him. His expression was full of disdain as he said, "However, as long as you're willing to admit your wrongs, I might leave you with a whole corpse!"

    This little girl is indeed pretty powerful to be able to hold her own against so many early-stage Martial Saints. Unfortunately for her, he was already at the middle-stage. Even if she was to harness the power from her broken sword, she could not possibly defeat him.

    Earlier on, she had managed to hurt him because he had underestimated her. Otherwise, she would never have been able to hurt him!


    Gu Ruoyun clutched the broken sword tightly in her hand as if she had not heard the man's words at all. With one fierce stroke, a wave of sharp sword energy rushed towards the enemy.

    The two parties were very close to one another so the man in green could not evade in time. More importantly, he did not want to evade the attack for the sake of restoring his dignity! He had faced the sword energy from Gu Ruoyun's broken sword head-on.


    With a wave of his hand, a longsword appeared out of thin air in front of him. There was a loud clang when the sword energy from the broken sword reached him. The longsword in his hand then split into two before the broken sword's energy slashed fiercely upon his chest.
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