Chapter 1169: A Person Not To Be Trifled With (3)

    Chapter 1169: A Person Not To Be Trifled With (3)

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    "The Lin family..."

    Gu Ruoyun put the broken sword away as her indifferent gaze swept across the bodies littered on the ground. She then quickly turned away to look into the distance as a hint of murderous intent flashed in her eyes.

    "One day, I will destroy the Lin family and avenge my father and mother!"

    After that, she did not delay any further as she headed towards the little town...

    Just as Gu Ruoyun was about to leave, she missed a flash of black robes which had appeared behind an old tree. The black-robed figure stared at her as she left. The man's grim gaze flickered with excitement as he stared unblinkingly at woman's shadow. His lips trembled gently as he said, "You're finally here..."

    "Unfortunately, I can't meet you."

    The man was wrapped in black robes with his face obscured. However, his voice was majestic and gruff, easy on the ears. However, as he spoke, his voice carried an easily detectable gentleness...

    The man lowered his head and stared at the dead bodies on the ground. He then furrowed his brows before lifting his hand. An infinite amount of black flames immediately rose from the ground and turned those bodies into ashes which scattered into the air...

    Gu Ruoyun had not noticed that man. If she had seen his appearance, she would have torn those black robes open and thrown herself into the man's familiar scent...


    The woman in green stomped her foot angrily at the Murong family home. Her delicate and pretty features were filled with absolute unhappiness as she fiercely let out her heart's frustration.

    "Damned Qianbei Ye, he had actually disappeared just like that!"

    She had sent the elders of the family after him but this man had still managed to slip away without leaving a trace too. Now, each time the woman in green remembers this, her heart would fill with a great anger. She gritted her teeth and said, "I'm going to capture you and make you my man no matter what! This is the price you have to pay for murdering my husband-to-be!"

    Just then, a servant girl approached her from outside of the courtyard. The servant girl walked carefully towards the woman in green and bowed, "Young Lady, Master has summoned you."

    The woman in green sighed and replied, "I understand."

    An old man was sitting upright on a hardwood chair and flipping through a book in an elegant study. He sensed someone outside the study and slowly put his book down. He then lifted his head and turned his loving gaze towards the woman in green who had just entered the room.

    "Qian'er, I heard that you've mobilized the powers of the higher-ups of the Murong family all for the sake of a man?" The old man gently furrowed his brows as he spoke. His intonation was filled with dissatisfaction though some of it was exasperation and love.

    "Grandfather." Murong Qian walked towards the old man's side, tugged on his arm coquettishly and said, "That fellow had murdered Wu Yun so I must make him pay me back with another husband-to-be!"

    The old man sighed, feeling more exasperated by the minute.  I've indeed spoiled this girl rotten, she would even snatch away another's man now.

    However, the Murong family has great power so, obviously, Murong Qian would have this right as the Young Lady of the Murong family.

    "I thought you didn't like Wu Yun and you didn't want to marry him? Why are you hunting this man for killing Wu Yun?"

    "Whatever, I don't care. I will drag him back here and force him to marry me!" Murong Qian pouted as she spoke in a sweet and capricious manner, "In this world, no one would dare ignore me like he did! Simply because of this, I must make him my husband. Even if he refuses, I will tie him up and drag him into the bedchamber!"
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