Chapter 1170: A Person Not To Be Trifled With (4)

    Chapter 1170: A Person Not To Be Trifled With (4)

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    Now, each time she remembers the cold, gloomy, and merciless look in Qianbei Ye's eyes when he had looked at her, Murong Qian would gnash her teeth in anger!

    The more he hates her, the more she wants him to marry her! She even wanted him to fall in love with her whole-heartedly! This was the price he has to pay for ignoring her!

    "Qian'er, do you know who that man is and does he have a wife or children?" The old man shook his head exasperatedly as he asked, "If he does have a wife and children, what are you going to do?"

    Murong Qian fell silent. Honestly speaking, she had never thought about that. After all, she knows nothing about Qianbei Ye's true identity.

    "Grandfather, I've already taken a liking for him. If he really has a wife, maybe you can give his wife some benefits." Murong Qian lifted her head, stared at the old man with her big eyes and said, "Didn't the elders of our family manage to study that pill formula from that tomb? That pill is called a Spirit Gathering Pill, isn't it? It seems to have the ability to increase the speed of a cultivator's cultivation process. When the time comes, just give her a few pills. As long as the benefits are good enough, she will leave him."

    The Spirit Gathering Pill was the first pill Gu Ruoyun had refined after her reincarnation. It was also the ranked the lowest amongst all her pills. However, in the First City, this pill was equivalent to a precious treasure. Even though pill masters do exist in the First City, the pills they refine were still extremely precious because of the rarity of pill formulas.

    The funniest thing was, the Eldest Lady of the Murong family intends to bribe Gu Ruoyun with Spirit Gathering Pills.

    "Qian'er, you can turn your nose up at everyone else in the First City. Even the defending families can ensure your safety because I am around! However..." The old man's expression grew serious. "There are some people from one place that you must not provoke. Otherwise, I can't help you."

    Murong Qian was dazed. She always thought that because she was from the Murong family, one of the defending families in the First City, there was no one in this world that she could not provoke! Even if she were to accidentally provoke the Governor's servant, the Governor would forgive her on account of her grandfather.

    Yet now, her grandfather was telling her that there were those from a certain place that she must not provoke?

    Otherwise, even her powerful grandfather would not be able to protect her?

    "That place is the Secret Order!"

    "The Secret Order?"

    Murong Qian was slightly dazed. She has never heard of that place before yet her grandfather was warning her against provoking them.

    "Qian'er, the reason you've never heard of the Secret Order because not many people are aware of its existence. However, not even the Governor would dare to cross the members of the Secret Order so you can imagine how powerful they are." The old man's face now displayed a never-before-seen seriousness as he fixed his gaze on Murong Qian. "Initially, I had not wanted to tell you about this but you are far too willful in everything that you do. That's why I had no choice but to tell you about the Secret Order!"

    "I can say that this Secret Order had existed longer than the First City itself. The Secret Order had been established before the First City. Therefore, how could the First City's power be compared with the long-standing Secret Order?"

    The old man sighed and laughed bitterly as he spoke.

    Murong Qian was dumbfounded once again. The Secret Order had been established before the First City? Just how powerful is this Secret Order?

    "But Grandfather, why have we never heard of the Secret Order even after so many years?"

    The old man looked at the bewildered Murong Qian and replied, "The Secret Order is an organization which exists in seclusion in the First City. They rarely show themselves which is why they are called the Secret Order! The Secret Order has never concerned itself with worldly matters, their only concern is cultivation. One can only imagine how powerful they are. In the Secret Order, the only one who is allowed to give orders is their Lord Clan Elder! However, there is still another whose position will one day surpass the Lord Clan Elder!"
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