Chapter 1174: The Woman In White (1)

    Chapter 1174: The Woman In White (1)

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    "I can agree to your request." Gu Ruoyun fell silent for a moment before a light flashed in her eyes. "However, regardless of whether you can obtain that inheritance or now, half of Wind Valley will still belong to me!"

    Gu Ruoyun was really not very interested in obtaining half of Wind Valley but she would not turn down the opportunity either!

    "Furthermore..." She paused before she continued to speak. "If I ever find out that you have any ulterior motives, believe me, even a pill master can become a poison master! I don't think I need to elaborate on the consequences."

    A man who had been able to conceal his true nature for so many years was more dangerous than Feng Xiaoxiao.

    Hence, Gu Ruoyun would not trust him so easily!

    "You..." The gray-robed men's expression changed drastically as their eyes filled with anger. One of them was just about to speak when Feng Yuqing raised his hand to cut him off.

    Feng Yuqing's gaze landed upon Gu Ruoyun's face. He then smiled gently. "Don't worry, You extremely useful to me. I won't do anything to you. However, if I can't obtain that inheritance, I cannot give you half of Wind Valley because I may not be able to regain the position as Young Master of Wind Valley successfully. However, I can agree with your other requests."

    "Alright." After a bout of deep thought, Gu Ruoyun nodded. "When do we leave?"

    "Let's leave now. We should be able to reach that place before it gets dark."

    Feng Yuqing slowly rose to his feet before he declared serenely, "Let's go."


    On a high mountain.

    There was a sudden influx of powerful cultivators along the rugged and uneven road. As a result, the quiet mountain range was filled with humans in its habitat.

    At this time, Gu Ruoyun was sweeping her gaze across every single person while she was halfway up the mountain. Her heart sank when she sensed the scale of their powers.

    "It seems that these ruins have attracted quite a few powerful cultivators. Some have even reached the late stage of the exceptional state and are only one step away from the refined state."

    Feng Yuqing may have brought two exceptional state cultivators along but those two were at the early stage of the exceptional state. They could not be compared to a late stage cultivator.

    The other cultivators have clearly noticed the group who had just arrived. After seeing that the newcomers' powers were of no threat to them, they did not say much before they quickly turned away and made their way towards the top of the mountain not too far away.

    "The ruins should be at the top of the mountain." Feng Yuqing's gaze sank and his expression showed a sense of seriousness. "Lady Gu, if any danger should arrive after this, I want you to hide behind Feng Yi and Feng Wu."

    The ones addressed as Feng Yi and Feng Wu were the two gray-robed men who had followed Feng Yuqing very closely.

    Feng Yuqing had asked them to protect Gu Ruoyun not because he wanted her to stay safe but for his own benefit! After all, a pill master's existence would be extremely useful in a party like this! Hence, she must never be endangered. Otherwise, they could not be sure of what might happen.

    Gu Ruoyun gently nodded and did not say much.

    Even though her safety was ensured as she has Zixie by her side, under most circumstances, she does not wish to expose Zixie to the eyes of the world.

    "Mm?" Suddenly, Gu Ruoyun's eyes diverted towards a woman in the crowd. When she noticed the markstone carried by the woman, a light flashed in her eyes. "The Charm Sect? I never thought that I would run into members of the Charm Sect again at a place like this."

    The woman from the Charm Sect clearly sensed the eyes staring at her from behind. She furrowed her willowy brows and turned towards Gu Ruoyun. However, the woman's gaze did not rest long on Gu Ruoyun before it turned towards Feng Yuqing who was right next to her...
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