Chapter 1175: The Woman In White (2)

    Chapter 1175: The Woman In White (2)

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    "Tsk, tsk, tsk."

    The woman from the Charm Sect giggled seductively as her coquettish gaze wandered about. Her pretty and charming figure then glided towards Feng Yuqing. "I never expected the Second Young Master of Wind Valley to turn up in a place like this. Could it be that you're interested in these ruins as well, Sir Feng?"

    The Second Young Master of Wind Valley?

    The cultivators around them turned towards Gu Ruoyun and the others when they heard this as their eyes filled with shock.

    Wasn't the Second Master of Wind Valley reduced to a good-for-nothing? What's he doing at a place like this?

    "I heard the news about the unearthed ruins in this area. I only want to take a look and bring some treasures back for my father and older sister Xiaoxiao while I'm at it." Feng Yuqing curled his lips as he replied sloppily, "So what that the members of the Charm Sect are here as well? Then again, Elder Mei, you really are getting more and more beautiful. Because of your presence here, I feel as though these ruins have lost their attractiveness."

    Feng Yuqing no longer carried his calm and composed air. His entire persona was now like a hedonistic son of a rich family who was teasing a lady.

    However, no one knows that deep down in his heart, Feng Yuqing was ready to vomit. This woman may look young but she was actually past the age of fifty and he was still forced to sprout such nauseating words. It was really disgusting.

    "Tsk, tsk." Elder Mei giggled seductively but a hint of loathing flashed in her eyes.

    This fellow is quite good looking but it's unfortunate that he's only a good-for-nothing! If it wasn't for the fact that he was the Second Young Master of Wind Valley, I wouldn't even bother myself with this good-for-nothing. He's teasing me like a toad wishing to eat swan meat.

    "Young Sir Feng, may I ask who this woman is to you?"

    She frowned gently as she spoke, observing Gu Ruoyun.

    Feng Yunqing's heart shivered yet he continued to carry a bantering smile. "Elder Mei, when it comes to a woman who is tagging along with me, who do you think she is to me?"

    The meaning behind his words was vague and Elder Mei was immediately enlightened.

    The Second Young Master of Wind Valley has always been promiscuous. He would change his female companions like he was changing clothes. Therefore, any woman who was allowed to tag along with him can only be one of his lovers.

    Elder Mei turned towards Gu Ruoyun as she thought of this. She then raised her brows and asked, "My Lady, may I ask for your name..."

    "Nianye. My name is Gu Nianye," came Gu Ruoyun's slow reply.

    The Charm Sect and Wind Valley share a rather friendly relationship so Elder Mei must be aware of Gu Ruoyun's name. Besides, based on Feng Yuqing's response, it was obvious that he wants to conceal her identity. Under these circumstances, she had no choice but to use her alias again.

    "Gu Nianye?"

    Elder Mei fell momentarily silent. She has never heard of this name before and her suspicions were alleviated.

    "Young Sir Feng, let me give you a piece of advice. These ruins are far too dangerous. Based on your level of power, coming here would spell doom for you and you've even brought a stepchild along?" Elder Mei's eyes flickered as she exclaimed, "If Lady Xiaoxiao was to find out about this, I'm afraid that she would be furious."

    Feng Yuqing burst into laughter. "I never thought that you would care about me so much, Elder Mei, I am truly overwhelmed by your favor. How about you come and see me at Wind Valley after this? I've long wanted to sleep with you, Elder Mei."

    Elder Mei's expression turned into ice. However, she soon reverted to her normal demeanor and smiled seductively, "Don't joke around, Young Sir Feng, how can I accept your generosity? I must leave now as I have some matters to attend to. I'll see you again at the ruins."
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