Chapter 1176: The Woman In White (3)

    Chapter 1176: The Woman In White (3)

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    Even a good-for-nothing would have delusions of having me, he must be dreaming!

    Elder Mei scoffed as she wiggled her delicate little waist and headed towards the Charm Sect's party.

    Feng Yuqing exhaled as he watched her leave. "She's finally gone! I was afraid that I would accidentally expose your identity if she continued to ask questions. Lady Gu, you must not let them discover that you are Gu Ruoyun, no matter what!"

    Gu Ruoyun nodded. Her gaze had remained fixed upon Elder Mei's disappearing figure but her thoughts were concealed from others.

    "By the way." Feng Yuqing turned towards Gu Ruoyun before he continued, "You're probably not aware of the situation at Charm Sect. Due to their unique cultivation techniques, the Charm Sect requires its members to sleep with men to absorb their power to replenish their vitality. Hence, the disciples of Charm Sect are not only talented and powerful, most importantly, they have the recipe for eternal youth! Elder Mei might look very young but she's already more than fifty years old now."

    Gu Ruoyun curled her lips. "It looks like you have quite a hardcore preference to even consider someone of that age?"

    Feng Yuqing's expression froze when he heard this. He then smiled bitterly. "I don't have much of a choice, do I? Everyone knows that I'm flirtatious and promiscuous so I can only use these methods to chase her away! Otherwise, if she insists on entering the ruins with us, how do we refuse her?"

    Heaven knew how much he had wanted to vomit as he was saying those words! However, he had no other choice but to act this way to chase Elder Mei away.

    "Let's go."

    The crowd has begun to move and Feng Yuqing rose to his feet as well. His wise and farsighted eyes flickered with a faint light.

    At the high mountain.

    Even though there were many spiritual beasts around, they had hidden away when they sensed the great number of powerful cultivators, afraid of provoking these gate-crashers. Hence, Gu Ruoyun and others did not run into any fearsome spiritual beasts along the way up the high mountain.

    However, Feng Yuqing's expression has grown even more somber. His eyes stared darkly at the top of the mountain a short distance away as a light flashed in his gaze.

    "I can sense it, there seems to be something abnormal at the top of this mountain." His eyes then slowly sank. "Perhaps our exploration of these ruins won't be as easy as I had thought."

    Nevertheless, he has to try. This was the only way he could defeat Feng Xiaoxiao!

    Besides, if he could obtain that inheritance, not only would he regain his powers, he would even rise to a whole new state...

    "Elder Mei, why do you think that Feng Yuqing has come all the way here?"

    A black-robed woman in the Charm Sect group raised her willowy brows urgently as she stared at Feng Yuqing with a complicated look on her face, deep in consideration.

    "Do I really need to mention it?" Elder Mei laughed icily. "Why else would a good-for-nothing like Feng Yuqing be here? He's here to find out if there's anything in these ruins that can help restore his power, what else? Unfortunately, no matter how hard he tries, he'll never be able to do it! Elder Yun, we don't need to inform Feng Xiaoxiao about this. This good-for-nothing Feng Yuqing is going to come back empty-handed anyway."

    The woman who had been addressed as Elder Yun's gaze sank. After a long pause, she turned her attention towards Gu Ruoyun and exclaimed, "I don't know why but I can't shake off the feeling that this woman isn't as simple as she seems."

    Elder Mei glanced at Gu Ruoyun and sneered, "This woman is only sticking to Feng Yunqing's side because she's taken a fancy to his title as the Second Young Master of Wind Valley. Otherwise, why would she curry favor from a good-for-nothing?"
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