Chapter 1177: The Woman In White (4)

    Chapter 1177: The Woman In White (4)

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    Elder Yun did not reply but her eyes remained fixed upon Gu Ruoyun, unsure if she was mistaken or not. She could not shake off the feeling that this woman was not all that simple, at least not like what Elder Mei says Gu Ruoyun was.

    "Let's go."

    She pondered for a short while before she ordered calmly and turned away.


    Just as the crowd was about to reach the top of the mountain, an angry roar rang out from the top of the mountain. It was so powerful that the entire mountain range shook.

    "Looks like someone is battling against a spiritual beast at the top of the mountain!"

    Feng Yuqing's eyes sank as he fixed his gaze on the top of the mountain. He was momentarily silent before he said, "Come, let's go have a look. I can sense that the cultivator who is battling against that spiritual beast is very powerful. Her power seems to surpass everyone amongst us."

    Gu Ruoyun's heart gradually reached an all-time-low. Honestly speaking, she had not come to the ruins for the sake of helping Feng Yuqing. She was here for the inheritance as well! Hence, when she sensed the strong energy fluctuations from the battle, her heart sank.

    She must have that inheritance in the ruins no matter what!

    A sense of determination filled her eyes. Gu Ruoyun no longer analyzed the situation further as she made her way towards the top of the mountain.

    An angry roar sounded. The scene of a huge black dragon battling with a white-robed woman in midair was then revealed to them.

    The woman was dressed in snowy-white robes. Her incomparably beautiful features were frosted over with a layer of ice while her eyes were exceptionally cold and distant. The white-robed woman was staring at the black dragon scornfully. However, when Gu Ruoyun's eyes fell upon the absolute beauty's features, her heart suddenly soared.

    This woman's facial features were far too similar to hers, it was as if they have been carved from the same mold. Only, in contrast with her clear and cold aloofness, the white-robed woman's features were clearly more gentle.

    "Evil creature, I'm only passing by. Why must you stand in my way?"

    The woman in white glared at the black dragon icily. The chill in her voice could cut one to the bone.

    "Those who trespass will die!"

    The black dragon roared loudly before its gigantic body charged towards the woman in white once again.

    "Since you insist on digging your own grave, I don't mind slaying a dragon!" The white-robed woman laughed icily. Her white robes pierced through the skies as she charged towards the black dragon at top speed.

    The crowd could only see a blur as the white-robed woman, who was several meters away from the large dragon, reappeared in front of it.


    As the woman in white appeared in front of him, the large dragon spat out its dragon's breath. A black and rotten-smelling dragon's breath then burst towards the woman in white's beautiful features.


    The woman in white raised her sword and sliced the oncoming dragon's breath into two. She then appeared behind the black dragon in a flash. The longsword moved like a flash of light before it sliced fiercely at the dragon's body with great force.


    The longsword pierced into the black dragon's back. He shrieked from the agony and violently thrashed, trying to throw the woman off his back.

    "This is price you wil pay for standing in my way!"


    The woman in white swiftly pulled the longsword out and black-colored blood splattered out like a fountain. She then took several steps back before raising her longsword once again...

    Instantly, the heavens and earth lost their color while the sun and the moon dimmed as an infinite amount of power gathered into the longsword. This power slowly condensed into a round ball of wind around the longsword! The whirling ball then slashed downwards along with the sword. A loud bang sounded before the world returned to peace after the tremors.
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