Chapter 1179: The Initial Search At The Ruins (1)

    Chapter 1179: The Initial Search At The Ruins (1)

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    Elder Yun, who was standing with the Charm Sect's group, stared attentively at Gu Ruoyun. A light flashed across her charming eyes before she turned away and looked at the ancient ruins in front of her...

    The door to the ruins was shut tight and emitted a dull green glow beneath the sunlight. It looked mysterious and ancient.

    "Let's go."

    Elder Mei ordered authoritatively before she led the members of the Charm Sect towards the closed great door.

    Gu Ruoyun had calmed down after her initial excitement. However, she did not make any move as her clear and cold eyes gravitated towards the ruins. No one could tell what she was thinking...


    Bang! Bang! Bang!

    The crowd watched anxiously as the door to the ruins burst open as if it was welcoming their arrival.

    They felt uneasy as they stared into the depths of the ruins in front of them. Ultimately, their greed overcame the uneasiness and they walked into the ruins.


    Just as Feng Yuqing was about to step forward, Gu Ruoyun reached out to stop him.

    He paused without hesitation and stared blankly, furrowing his brows at the crowd who was advancing into the ruins.

    "What?" Elder Mei noticed Feng Yuqing who was standing very still and smiled. "Young Sir Feng, aren't you here for the ruins? Why aren't you coming in with us? Could it be that you're scared?"

    Feng Yuqing's eyes were conflicted. He stared carefully at the ruins in front of him and his voice trembled as he replied, "This... You're more powerful than me. I'm only a good-for-nothing so I think it's best that I walk behind you."

    He looked so cowardly that Elder Mei could not help but sneer.

    This good-for-nothing is really scared now!

    Elder Mei no longer hesitated and she led the Charm Sect into the ruins.


    Just as the crowd reached the great door, a powerful beam of black light burst from within the ruins. When she saw the black fire, Elder Mei screamed, "Retreat! Retreat now!"


    Everyone felt the danger and hurriedly tried to retreat. Unfortunately, those who had charged towards the gate at the front most of the group did not have any time to run away. They disappeared under the blazing black flames.

    Amongst them were a few cultivators at the exceptional state as well.

    Elder Mei's expression was an ugly sight to behold. Her eyes were filled with shock. If she had been a little less cautious, she would probably have been turned to ashes as well!

    These ruins are truly dangerous! They're far more dangerous than any of the other ruins that she had excavated before!

    "How did you know that we would be in danger?" Feng Yuqing returned to his senses and lowered his voice, speaking in a tone that only he and Gu Ruoyun could hear.

    Gu Ruoyun shrugged her shoulders and smiled in a nonchalant manner. "Ruins are tombs left behind by powerful cultivators long ago. Their graves must still be inside so why should they open their doors and welcome you? Therefore, you don't need to think too much to know that it's not a good sign when the doors to the ruins had burst open! However, these ruins have been around for a while so whatever which is guarding it should not have much power left. If we had been here a hundred years ago, I reckon that not a single one of us would be left alive now!"
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