Chapter 1183: The Initial Search At The Ruins (5)

    Chapter 1183: The Initial Search At The Ruins (5)

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    "Elder Mei!"

    The Charm Sect disciples surrounded Elder Mei while their eyes stared vigilantly at the large and solid stone man in front of them. Their gaze was filled with seriousness.

    "Anyone else?" The stone man burst into mad laughter. "Does anyone else want to throw their lives away and fight me? I'm going to show all of you the power of the stone men clan!"

    His laughter then echoed throughout the ruins.

    That crazed laughter was the only sound in the ruins, the humans have long been scared witless. Who would dare to challenge this mad piece of rock?

    "Since none of you plan to make a move, allow me to do so!" The stone man swept his maddened gaze across every human in sight before he sneered, "So, who amongst you would like to die first?"

    The crowd's expression changed over and over again. They all understood that this mad piece of rock had no intentions of letting them go!

    Does this really mean that they were all going to die in these ruins?


    They would never surrender so easily!

    "Let's keep going and fight him to the death. Otherwise, if this keeps up, we can forget about the inheritance. We might even lose our lives here." Elder Mei gritted her teeth as a fierce light flashed in her eyes.

    "That's right. The elder from the Charm Sect is right. We're going to die anyway so we might as well go down fighting!"

    A cultivator had stepped out to support Elder Mei's decision as soon as she had spoken.

    This rock does not plan to let them go and they would likely to end up dead whether they fight or not. Since that was the case, why not fight?

    During that period of time, only the good-for-nothing Feng Yuqing and Gu Ruoyun had not made any moves. Everyone had launched their attacks against the stone man, including the two men in grey robes who had stood by Feng Yuqing's side.


    Boom, boom boom!

    They attacked over and over again but only managed to cause a small spark in the end. Their attacks had not even left a scratch on the stone man. However, their attacks have clearly angered the stone man and he roared loudly as he stomped angrily towards them.

    How could they possibly hold their own against a late-stage stone man at the exceeding Martial Saint rank? Very soon, all the human cultivators continuously spat blood under his attack. Those whose powers were at a slightly inferior stage had instantly lost their lives.


    Feng Yi and Feng Wu retreated to Feng Yuqing's side. They then spoke in a serious manner, "This stone man may be at the late-stage exceeding Martial Saint rank but his powers are so great that it's absurd. Even with so many of us, it was impossible for us to touch him at all."

    Feng Yuqing's expression slowly sank. He then entered into deep contemplation as he stared at the huge stone man.

    It was also at this moment that the stone man's attention turned towards him and Gu Ruoyun...

    "I never thought that a good-for-nothing and an early-stage Martial Saint would dare to enter these ruins. Since that's the case, allow me to use you two as my opening slaughter!"


    The stone man's fist carried a heavy coercion as he struck it towards of Gu Ruoyun.

    Gu Ruoyun's eyes narrowed. Just as she was about to release Zixie, a flash of black robes descended from above. The black-robed figure landed in front of her like a heavenly god and blocked the stone man's fist with a loud bang.


    The stone man stumbled back before he lifted his head in astonishment and stared at the man in black robes before him...

    The man was dressed in black robes while his face was covered by a black mask. His deep eyes stared at the stone man solemnly as his sensual lips curled into a cold angle.

    Gu Ruoyun did not know why but she felt a sense of familiarity as the masked man stood in front of her...
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