Chapter 1184: Ruins, Inheritance (1)

    Chapter 1184: Ruins, Inheritance (1)

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    "Human, you're digging your own grave!"

    The stone man was enraged after his attack was blocked. He then attacked again and fiercely aimed his fist towards the man in black's chest. There was an unstoppable aura wrapped around the stone man's fist as it flew forward with an irresistible force.


    The black-robed man raised his hand and grabbed the stone man's fist in a tight grip. Though the stone man's punch had pushed the black-robed man back several steps, there was no sign of emotion in his deep and grim eyes. An indifferent light from his masked face flashed against the ruins.

    Gu Ruoyun's eyes were fixed upon the black-robed man in front of her. There was a slight ripple of emotion in her clear and cold gaze.

    Could it be him?

    It can't be!

    Big Brother should be in the West Spirit Mainland so how could he possibly be in the First City? Besides, if he really is Gu Shengxiao, he would never have concealed himself and refused to see me.

    Where had my savior come from?

    "Human, stop fantasizing about defeating me. That's an impossible feat so I advise you to beg for mercy instead!"

    The stone man was still enraged about the fact that the black-robed man had been able to block his attack. His angry eyes looked as if they could spit fire.

    The black-robed man gently pursed his lips but his grim gaze remained fixed upon the stone man. He did not say a thing and no one could comprehend the expression beneath his black mask either.

    Nevertheless, the chilly aura emanating from the man's body was quite intimidating.


    Just then, the man in black released his attack.

    The stone man laughed icily and raised his fist to block him. As their fists collided, a powerful energy surged through the man's arm and transferred itself into the stone man's body. A clear and loud cracking then echoed through the ruins.

    The stone man's expression has changed from his initial disdain to fear. His eyes slowly widened before he cried out in a shrill voice, "No!"


    His entire body had been penetrated by the black-robed man's powerful energy. The crowd then watched as the stone man's body cracked open and exploded into pieces.

    Countless shattered pieces of rock fell to the ground in small piles. The stone man's eyes, once filled with fear, slowly turned pitch black before losing its spark...

    The black-robed man clenched his fist as blood dripped down from his arm onto the ground.

    It was obvious that he had sustained some heavy injuries from the last attack.


    Everyone in the ruins immediately plunged into a riot as they gazed curiously at the black-robed man in black. They wanted to know where this man had come from to have such great power.

    Elder Mei's eyes slowly darkened. With this man around, their chances of obtaining the inheritance from these ruins would be greatly diminished.

    The black-robed man was still standing with his back towards Gu Ruoyun and made no move to turn around to look her. It was as if he was not acquainted with her at all.

    "Who are you?"

    The woman's clear and cold voice rang out behind him, "Do we know each other?"

    The black-robed man's body stiffened. However, he stopped himself from turning around. He continued to stare into the distance as he replied in a grim yet hoarse voice, "We do not."


    Gu Ruoyun curled her lip indifferently. There was no way her intuition was wrong, this man was definitely acquainted with her.

    However, she could not comprehend what could have possibly happened to have caused him to be unable to face her?

    "Lady, aren't you overthinking this?" Elder Mei sneered before she chimed in with a voice filled with mockery, "This man has such great power. How could someone like you, who is trying to curry favor from the Second Young Master of Wind Valley to obtain a high position, possibly be acquainted with a powerful cultivator like him? However, you really are something. You would even rush to gain favor from anybody who seems powerful by pretending that you know him. You..."
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