Chapter 1185: Ruins, Inheritance (2)

    Chapter 1185: Ruins, Inheritance (2)

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    Her speech came to an abrupt end.

    Elder Mei's expression turned pale and her eyes displayed a sense of terror.

    The reason for this was because the black-robed man had turned his gaze towards her with clear murderous intent in his cold eyes. Elder Mei felt as if a hand was clasped around her neck, it was suddenly very hard for her to breathe.

    "Your tongue is too impertinent!" The black-robed man's voice was just as cold as ever and the murderous intent on his body was undiminished. "If you say another word, I will send you to your grave!"


    A powerful force then charged towards Elder Mei. She could not avoid it in time and the attack landed straight onto her chest, causing her to stumble backward. She spat out a mouthful of blood and her face turned deathly pale.

    "Elder Mei!"

    Elder Yun's expression changed abruptly. She then hurriedly supported Elder Mei's body as she stared vigilantly at the black-robed man.

    She might have been mistaken but she felt as if this man had attacked Elder Mei because she had insulted Gu Nianye!

    How could Elder Mei possibly have the audacity to say another word at a time like this? She could only stare at Gu Ruoyun hatefully. To Elder Mei, this woman had caused her to offend such a powerful cultivator! If it had not been for her, Elder Mei would not have had to endure that attack!

    "It's fine if you don't tell me who you are." Gu Ruoyun walked to the man's side and thought for a moment before saying, "One day, I shall find out your identity myself."

    After saying her piece, she continued further into the ruins.

    The black-robed man stared at her as she left and his initially chilly gaze became gentler. His eyes were filled with a frustrating struggle.

    The path in the ruins was made from metal and made a clanking sound when walked on. This sound was particularly obvious in the silent ruins.

    The black-robed man followed Gu Ruoyun every step of the way but he did not say a word to her at all. He was quiet the entire time but his cold eyes were fully alert with a serious look beneath his black mask.

    "Hey, there's a room here!"

    Suddenly, a surprised voice sounded amongst the crowd. The crowd immediately saw that there was indeed a room to their left.

    That room had been fused together with the wall which was why they had not noticed its existence at first.

    "Since this tomb had been built by a powerful cultivator ten thousand years ago, there should be other treasures aside from the inheritance. Perhaps this room has precious things inside!" Elder Mei curled her lips as her eyes filled with greed. "Come, let's go have a look!"

    She then opened the large golden door and stepped into the room.

    The room was filled with treasure chests which emitted a dazzling radiance, lifting one's spirits.

    "Heavens, they're spiritual weapons! So many spiritual weapons!"

    "And spirit stones! These spirit stones have an abundance of spiritual energy. If I could absorb all these spirit stones, I might even break through to the next state!"

    Spirit stones were a type of miracle stone on the mainland. They contain powerful spiritual energy which can be absorbed by cultivators. However, spirit stones had disappeared along with pill formulas ten thousand years ago and only a precious few could be found. A spirit stone placed in an auction could be sold for sky-high prices.

    "These are mine, hahaha, all mine!"

    One cultivator could not resist the lure of so many treasures and burst into laughter. He then charged forward with an insane look on his face.
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