Chapter 1187: Ruins, Inheritance (4)

    Chapter 1187: Ruins, Inheritance (4)

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    The black-robed man ignored her completely. He did not even look at her as if she was completely transparent. His deep, grim eyes were staring somewhere else as if each word Elder Mei had said to him was blasphemy.

    Elder Mei realized her failure in boot-licking and looked rather embarrassed. She was about to speak again when Elder Yun, who was right next to her, pulled her back.

    "With such great power, why would he need these treasures? Elder Mei, it's no use for you to do this. We better hurry up and divide these treasures so we can continue our journey."

    This man's eyes clearly showed that he was not interested in these treasures at all.

    Otherwise, based on his level of power, if he really wants these things, would there be anything left for them to divide?

    Funnily, Elder Mei had tried to use these treasures to get into this man's good graces. In the end, he had not been impressed at all.


    After everyone had divided the treasure, the group continued on their journey.

    The long passageway was like a path to another world. Though it was long, a bright light soon came into view and everyone's heart leaped with joy. They exclaimed excitedly, "We're finally at the end. Is it possible that this is where the inheritance is?"

    There was only one inheritance. Hence, everyone by their side was an enemy! They had previously attacked their friends for the sake of those treasures. Now, one single mistake would result in their own deaths by the sword...

    Once the crowd had reached the path's end, their excitement soon turned to disappointment.

    They were greeted with a single-plank bridge swaying all alone at the end of the path. Beneath it was an endlessly dark void. Fear crept into their hearts and they felt as if something could jump out from beneath the bridge at any moment...

    "Looks like this is not the location of the inheritance."

    "It's like what I've said, we can't possibly have found the inheritance so soon. The Master of these ruins would not possibly let us enjoy the inheritance so quickly! It seems that if we want to obtain the inheritance, we shall have to cross this single-plank bridge."

    The hearts of the crowd sank.

    After all, the trials in the ruins would only get more and more dangerous. The stone man earlier on was already very powerful and they do not know what was waiting for them next.

    "Let's go."

    Elder Yun took a deep breath and walked around the crowd to stand at the front. "We must pass through here no matter what!"

    Everyone else followed suit. They had already gone through so much peril, how could they go back now?

    Besides, they have no way of retreat.

    Shortly, everyone had set foot on the single-plank bridge. Due to the weight from so many people, the bridge began to wobble and seemed as if it could collapse at any moment.


    "Roar, roar, roar!"

    Just as the crowd was crossing the bridge with great difficulty, a loud succession of roars sounded underneath the bridge. When the crowd looked down, they were so frightened that their souls nearly leaped out from their bodies.

    Countless black dragons were rising up from beneath the bridge as they widening their bloody, ferocious mouths and roared loudly. If these black dragons had not been bound by chains, the cultivators would probably have been frightened to death.

    "Watch out, don't fall down. If you do, you will become the black dragon's meal!"

    Elder Yun's eyes darkened as she ordered in a low voice.


    Even though the crowd was already walking very carefully, the single-plank bridge wobbled ceaselessly as if it could collapse at any moment.
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