Chapter 1188: Ruins, Inheritance (5)

    Chapter 1188: Ruins, Inheritance (5)

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    Frankly speaking, if the group had gone across the bridge one-by-one, this might not have happened! Unfortunately, no one wanted to fall behind and they were afraid that someone else would get to the inheritance first! Hence, they did not want to concede even one step!

    As for flying through the air...

    That was impossible!

    Perhaps the Master of the ruins had wanted to prevent cultivators from flying through the air so he had placed water caltrops on the single plank bridge as well. If anyone tries to fly, they would end up badly bruised by the spikes from the water caltrops!

    Hence, the crowd had no choice but to slowly cross this single plank bridge!

    Gu Ruoyun had dared to step onto it because she was certain that she would be able to escape from the dragons.


    Just then, an arm reached out from the side and someone, who had been caught off guard, fell off the bridge.

    The black dragons, which had been lying in wait for their delicious meal, quickly opened their bloody mouths to catch it. Before the man could cry out for help, the black dragon had swallowed him whole.

    "What are you doing?"

    After that unfortunate soul had been swallowed by the black dragon, his friend turned towards Elder Mei who was the person who had pushed the unfortunate soul down. He screamed angrily at her and his eyes were spitting balls of fire.

    "You can all see it, this bridge can't take any more weight. If there's less of us, perhaps we can still stand a chance in crossing safely." Elder Mei sneered. "You shouldn't blame me, my actions have brought you hope. It's every man for himself and the Devil will take the those who fall behind! As long as we can cross this bridge, what's wrong with sacrificing one or two of us?"

    Despite the angry look in the unfortunate man's friend's eyes, he did not say another word.

    Elder Mei was right. Every man for himself and the Devil will take the those who fall behind!

    Humans have always been a selfish species. What was the harm in sacrificing one or two people for the sake of survival?

    "I think there's still an overload of weight here so we must sacrifice a few others to save ourselves."

    As she spoke, her gaze turned towards Gu Ruoyun and the rest.

    Gu Ruoyun raised her brow and stared straight into Elder Mei's eyes. Her unwavering gaze showed no sign of fear.

    "Sir Feng, even though we've known each other for so many years, you've pretty much dug your own grave by coming to these ruins with your powers in that state. Please take your subordinates and that woman, you should jump before I take action!"

    Feng Yuqing's eyes sank. "Are you not afraid of receiving retribution for these actions?"

    "Hahaha!" Elder Mei burst into laughter. "Now that Feng Xiaoxiao is the Young Master of Wind Valley and will soon take the top position, do you think that Wind Valley will avenge you?"

    Besides, the Charm Sect have long been allied with Feng Xiaoxiao! The friendship between the Charm Sect and Wind Valley was purely because of Feng Xiaoxiao alone.

    If Feng Xiaoxiao found out that Elder Mei had killed Feng Yuqing, she might feel very excited!

    "Sir, watch out!"

    Feng Yi and Feng Wu quickly pulled Feng Yuqing protectively behind them as they glared at Elder Mei angrily. "Elder Mei, you've crossed the line. Our Sir is also a direct descendant of Wind Valley yet you would treat him as such! We will inform the Valley Lord about this once we leave this place! You just wait!"

    "Leave?" Elder Mei sneered. "Do you think you'll have that chance? You will die here today! You should feel proud for being given the opportunity to sacrifice yourselves for us."

    Gu Ruoyun crossed her arms across her chest and stared at Elder Mei with a forced smile. Her eyes were filled with mockery.

    When Elder Mei noticed the mocking smile on Gu Ruoyun's face, she was immediately enraged. She then exclaimed icily, "You are going to die very soon so why are you smiling? Lady, you should have thought of the consequences of your greed for influence. Especially since the person that you're trying to gain favor from is the good-for-nothing Second Young Master of Wind Valley!"
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