Chapter 1189: Ruins, Inheritance (6)

    Chapter 1189: Ruins, Inheritance (6)

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    Elder Mei has shed all pretenses of cordiality and no longer cared about camouflaging her intentions.

    Since these people are going to die anyway, why should I keep this act up?


    Suddenly, a black wave of energy shot towards her and pushed Elder Mei several steps back. A grim voice then chimed in and her heart froze over.

    "Shut your mouth unless you plan to become dragon food!"


    Elder Mei spat out a mouthful of blood as she stared in shock at the black-robed man behind Gu Ruoyun. Her face was completely drained of color.

    She could not understand it, why was this man standing up for Gu Ruoyun?

    Of course, as soon as this thought appeared in Elder Mei's mind, she could not help but blurt out the question. "My Lord, why are you helping them? If they go down, we'll have another thread of hope! After all, this bridge can't take so many of us."

    "That's right." The black-robed man laughed icily. "It's true that this single-plank bridge can't hold such a great weight and some of us should get off. Why don't you sacrifice yourself to protect us instead?"

    Elder Mei's expression changed several times. She simply could not understand why this man would protect Gu Ruoyun.

    "My Lord, these people aren't very powerful so they wouldn't be of much use in the next battle. I, on the other hand, am already a late-stage Martial Saint in the exceeding state and am much more powerful than them. Under these circumstances, the weaker ones should sacrifice themselves for those of us who stand a fighting chance!"

    The man in black robes curled his lips into a disdainful smile but his eyes were as grim as ever. Murderous intent rippled from his body, turning the atmosphere on the single-plank bridge deadly.

    "The thing is, I don't even want to see you at all!"

    I should sacrifice myself?

    I'm not related to them at all so why should I sacrifice myself for their sake?

    "Elder Mei!" Elder Yun lowered her voice and interrupted Elder Mei. She then turned towards the group in front of her and said, "Lady Gu, Sir Feng, my apologies. Elder Mei was only thinking for the benefit of everyone's safety. That's why she had made such a decision. Allow me to apologize on her behalf. There are many more dangers ahead so all I'm asking is for you to not start any further internal strifes!"

    Obviously, Elder Yun was much more intelligent than Elder Mei.

    Elder Yun may be apologizing to Gu Ruoyun but the underlying meaning in her words indicated that Gu Ruoyun was fully to blame.

    In her apology, Elder Yun made it sound like Elder Mei had done it for everyone's safety. That was why she had wanted to feed Gu Ruoyun to the dragons. Therefore, Gu Ruoyun's party's refusal to sacrifice themselves was harming everyone's best interests! They were the ones who were wrong!

    Indeed, after hearing Elder Yun's words, all eyes have turned towards Gu Ruoyun's little group. Those eyes were filled with accusation and dissatisfaction as if they all believed that Gu Ruoyun had hurt their benefits...

    Gu Ruoyun smiled icily but did not bother to defend herself. In the eyes of these greedy souls, everyone must sacrifice themselves for their benefit. Otherwise, it would hurt their interests...

    Hence, when faced with people like them, she felt much too lazy to say anything.

    The black-robed man furrowed his brows when he heard Elder Yun's explanation. Though the murderous intent was still evident in his grim eyes, he restrained himself in the end.

    These people were still useful for now! There were countless dangers ahead and he still needed them to scout ahead.


    After enjoying their delicious meal, the dragons once again waited for more humans to drop towards them. In the end, they did not receive any more food no matter how long they waited. They were enraged and let out a furious roar.
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