Chapter 1190: Ruins, Inheritance (7)

    Chapter 1190: Ruins, Inheritance (7)

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    After all, these dragons have been starving for more than ten thousand years. They've finally received food after such a long wait, how could they give up so easily?

    Hence, some of the dragons began to bang their heads against the single-plank bridge in an attempt to knock all the humans down.

    Elder Mei jumped in fright and quickly retreated. She then exclaimed anxiously, "What should we do? What if we really fall down there? We would die for sure!"

    The crowd did not reply. However, they were grumbling about Gu Ruoyun, Feng Yuqing and the rest in their hearts.

    If they had allowed themselves to be sacrificed, the others would not be facing so many problems now! They do not even have an ounce of heroism at all. People like them were not fit to be considered humans.

    Do they not know that even if they managed to go through this trial, there would still be many more dangers ahead? Based on their level of power, they might not even be able to escape these ruins at all. Since that was the case, why not make things easy here and sacrifice themselves for the ones who have greater power?

    "Let's keep going."

    Elder Yun issued the order with a sunken face when she noticed that Gu Ruoyun had ignored her.

    Due to the black-robed man's intervention, the crowd did not dare to act carelessly so no one schemed against their friends at all. They carefully journeyed forward but no matter how cautious they were, the single-plank bridge still wobbled endlessly.

    Elder Mei tried not to overanalyze the black-robed man's attitude. Instead, she relegated him to the type of person who could not stand any sort of injustice. However, she had forgotten to consider that if he really was that sort of person, he would have reacted and stopped her when she pushed that unlucky soul off the bridge instead of taking action later.

    "We're almost at the end."

    Elder Mei wiped the sweat off her brow when she noticed the path close by and stepped softly forward. She could almost feel the dragon's mouth close to her feet. If she was not careful enough, she would be devoured!

    Fortunately, everyone finally reached the path in front of them after creeping along carefully. They all heaved a collective sigh of relief when they set foot on solid ground.

    "This... This..."

    However, before they could celebrate, the next thing they saw had frightened the wits out of them.

    Countless spiritual beasts were charging towards them from further up. Dust was stirred up all over the place followed by their roaring, which nearly stopped the cultivator's hearts from beating.

    They had just escaped the dragons yet there were so many fearsome tigers in front of them!

    Was the Master of these ruins not going to let anyone out alive?

    "We're finished. These spiritual beasts are all late-stage Martial Saints at the exceeding state! Furthermore, our numbers are fewer than the spiritual beasts! We can't defeat them!"

    After the last battle, there were only around ten cultivators left! There were more than twenty spiritual beasts here, how could they possibly defeat so many of them?

    If it had not been for the previous battles, they might still be able to go up against these spiritual beasts if they had joined forces.

    However, there was no 'if' now. They have already given up on this chance for survival!


    That's not right!

    The crowds' eyes lit up as a thought came into their minds all of a sudden. How could they have forgotten about the mysterious black-robed man within their group? If he was to attack, these spiritual beasts would be no match for them!

    Unfortunately, the black-robed man only stood with his hands behind his back and has no intentions of pacifying their troubles.


    Elder Mei blocked an attack from one of the spiritual beasts before she stared at the black-robed man in a puzzled manner.

    Does this man not fight against injustice and would draw his sword to help? Why does he not have any intentions of helping despite seeing so many of us under attack? Besides, those spiritual beasts seem to know about the man's power and are too afraid of going near him.
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