Chapter 1191: Ruins, Inheritance (8)

    Chapter 1191: Ruins, Inheritance (8)

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    Gu Ruoyun's little group was standing next to the black-robed man and were temporarily sheltered from the spiritual beasts' attack.

    Elder Mei felt a little jealous. If she had known that this would happen, she should have fought for the place to stand next to him. She should not have given up on such a good opportunity simply because she had feared the man! If she was by his side, perhaps the spiritual beasts would not dare to attack her.

    Obviously, Elder Mei was not the only one who has that idea. One cultivator realized that he could not defeat the powerful spiritual beast and quickly rushed towards the black-robed man to hide behind him. However, his actions were in vain. Even after he had hidden behind the black-robed man, the spiritual beast had still run after him and ripped its claw right through his chest.

    Elder Mei was confused now. Weren't these spiritual beasts afraid of the black-robed man? Why was Gu Ruoyun and her group protected but not the rest of them?


    At that moment, a spiritual beast attacked Elder Yun and tore her clothes with one strike, causing the spirit stone hidden in her clothes to fall out.

    Elder Yun's shocked face drained of color and she quickly tried to pick up the spirit stone. However, just as she was about to pick the spirit stone up, the spiritual beast which had been attacking her turned around and charged towards the other cultivators.

    Elder Yun fell silent when she noticed this. After a long pause, she seems to figure something out and quickly cried out, "Throw away all the treasures that you've picked up from that room!"

    "What?" Elder Mei was dazed as she turned towards Elder Yun and bellowed, "Is something wrong with your brain? These are the spoils of our victory in these ruins and you're asking us to throw them away?"

    Elder Yun's eyes darkened as she replied in a low voice, "Throw those things away if you want to live. Otherwise, don't blame me for not advising you!"

    Elder Mei stared at Elder Yun's serious face and chose to believe her in the end.

    The other Charm Sect members pulled out their treasures and threw them onto the ground. Their eyes were filled with confusion and reluctance.

    Once they had discarded those treasures, the spiritual beasts immediately gave up on them and charged towards those who were still holding on to their treasure! Those who had followed the Charm Sect and discarded their treasures managed to escape with their lives. The others were torn to pieces by the great number of spiritual beasts and died tragically.

    "These precious treasures are cursed with death?" Elder Mei finally returned to her senses and her expression changed. "However, we've paid a great price to obtain these things. Must we throw them away?"

    Elder Yun's heart was filled with reluctance but she felt much more lighthearted compared to Elder Mei.

    "We don't have any other choice, those spiritual beasts are too powerful. If we don't throw those treasures away, we would certainly be attacked by other spiritual beasts. We have no choice but to abandon them."

    Elder Mei's heart was filled with resentment. If that black-robed man had made his move, they would not have needed to throw their treasures away.

    Nevertheless, she did not dare to complain about the black-robed man. Hence, she put all of her rage onto Gu Ruoyun's head instead.

    "Were you aware of the dangers that would come with taking those treasures? Is that why you had not fought a piece of the treasure?"

    Quite a number of Charm Sect members had died for the sake of those treasures. Therefore, as an elder of the Charm Sect, how could Elder Mei not feel heartache over this?

    It's all this woman's fault!

    If she had said something sooner, the Charm Sect might have discarded those items as well.

    Elder Mei grumbled away in her heart. If Gu Ruoyun had warned them of the dangers in those treasures previously, they probably would not have believed her. Instead, they would have accused her of lying to them in order to reap the great number of treasures for herself!
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