Chapter 1193: Ruins, Inheritance (10)

    Chapter 1193: Ruins, Inheritance (10)

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    After the last fight, the atmosphere in the ruins had returned to silence. As for those who had died under the claws of the spiritual beasts, no one bothered too much about them and trampled over their bodies as they continued on their journey.

    Suddenly, when they had reached the middle of the long pathway in the ruins, a powerful aura was sensed by them all. However, the powerful spiritual beasts who were hidden away did not charge out at them. Instead, they began to probe their bodies as if they were trying to find something.

    When their search turned out to be fruitless, the spiritual beasts retracted their aura and allowed the cultivators to pass through the long pathway.

    Everyone sighed with relief. It was a good thing that they had listened to Elder Yun's advice and left the treasures behind them. Otherwise, the hidden spiritual beasts would definitely attack them again!

    "I never thought that humans would come here again after so many years."

    Suddenly, an ancient voice sighed and echoed throughout the silent ruins, worming its way into everyone's hearts.

    Everyone quickly drew their weapons as they stared vigilantly around them. They were trying their best to identify the source of that voice.

    However, no matter how hard they searched, they could not find the source of that voice.

    "There's no need to look around, I am only a remnant of a memory so you won't be able to find me." That voice rang out again as faintly as before like an intangible cloud or mist. "However, there's only one inheritance and I can't gurantee that everyone's body can suit this inheritance. One thing's for sure, only one of you can have the inheritance! Have all of you decided the person who should receive the inheritance?"

    Elder Mei's eyes sharpened and a light flashed in her eyes. "Elder Yun, give this inheritance to me. When we return to the Charm Sect, I'll give my spiritual weapon to you."

    Elder Yun nodded in agreement. As long as this inheritance falls into the Charm Sect's hands, it does not really matter who it went to!

    "Now we only need to deal with the rest!" Elder Mei laughed icily. Her eyes then turned towards the crowd and her greedy face was laid bare for all to see. "The inheritance will belong to the Charm Sect. If you're willing to give it up, we might spare your life!"

    Give it up?

    What a joke.

    They had gone through so much trouble and endured heavy injuries to arrive at this point, how could they willingly go home with their tail between their legs now?

    They must have this inheritance even if they had to fight to the death!

    "I think we should dispatch the Wind Valley members first. Though they don't have a lot of power, they still have two early-stage Martial Saints in the exceeding state anyway. What if they end up benefiting from this dispute while both our parties suffer. I'm afraid that the gains do not make up for the losses."

    A cultivator from the group had spoken up and brought a general consensus across the group.

    It was very obvious that they were furious with Gu Ruoyun so they would certainly get rid of her first at a time like this.

    It did not matter if the black-robed man had stood up for her. Under these circumstances, who would not fight for the inheritance? That black-robed man must certainly be here for the inheritance as all. Therefore, he should not attack for Gu Ruoyun's sake this time!

    "Go to hell!"


    Just as the cultivator had spoken, a low, grim voice rang out in his ears. The cultivator was shocked, unable to comprehend when the black-robed man had appeared next to him.

    He was dazed when an arm reached into his chest, causing his body to shake. His eyes were filled with astonishment.
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