Chapter 1196: Ruins, Inheritance (13)

    Chapter 1196: Ruins, Inheritance (13)

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    The black-robed man's heart began to throb when he heard the disappointment in her voice.

    He gently pursed his lips while an apologetic light flashed in his eyes.

    Yun'er, I'm sorry but I can't acknowledge you yet, I'll come back for you once I've solved those issues! Your powers are far too weak at the moment. How can I bear to drag you down and cause you to risk your life for me?

    Just then, the voice which had been silent for a very long time slowly ran aloud again.

    "Humans, I've been watching your every move since you've entered these ruins. You aren't like the other humans because you aren't controlled by greed, fear, or death. You have successfully passed my test which is why I'm willing to give this inheritance to you."

    Feng Yuqing trembled as his eyes filled with excitement. "Are you saying that we were being tested?"

    "That's right." The voice sighed gently. "However, I'm not human, I'm a spiritual beast! Therefore, my inheritance can't be given to a human. Only a spiritual beast can accept it."


    Feng Yuqing was in shock and his entire being froze in place.

    What did he just say? Did he just say that this inheritance can't be accepted by a human? Only a spiritual beast can accept it?

    Doesn't that also mean that we've wasted our effort?

    "The inheritance is at the back, anyone who wishes to accept it can go there. However, if a human accepts this inheritance, he or she will explode and die. Only a spiritual beast will be able to successfully accept this inheritance. Furthermore, this inheritance is something which can be accepted by more than one spiritual beast. I had said that previously because I wanted to see the humans kill each other."

    Does that mean that any amount of spiritual beasts can accept this inheritance?

    Gu Ruoyun rubbed her nose before a smile appeared on the corner of her eyes.

    "Greed, selfishness, cowardice, weakness, these are man's special traits. I had built this tomb to instigate these traits in humans! However, I never thought that you would be able to avoid being greedy in the face of so many treasures. When faced with that wobbling single-plank bridge, you also had not pushed your friends down out of fear. Simply because of these actions, I won't hurt you. You may leave this place after this."

    Whatever the Master of the Tomb had said later on never reached Feng Yuqing's ears. All he had heard was the first part of the speech.

    A human cannot accept this inheritance!

    At that moment, Feng Yuqing's heart filled with disappointment. It's likely that not many people could accept such a great disappointment.

    "I want this inheritance." Gu Ruoyun rubbed her nose. "As a means of repaying you for bringing me here, I can help restore your powers."

    "What did you say?"

    Feng Yuqing, who had been filled with disappointment, felt his spirits stir when he heard Gu Ruoyun's words. He quickly lifted his head to look at her and his eyes filled with excitement.

    "How about this, you should leave the ruins while I go and have a look at that inheritance. I'll meet you at Wind Valley after a while." Gu Ruoyun shurgged her shoulders and said, "Also, I'll only be helping you to restore your powers. I won't help you defeat Feng Xiaoxiao."

    After all, she did not have a complete falling-out with Feng Xiaoxiao and Feng Xiaoxiao was now in charge of Wind Valley. She would not risk her life for Feng Yuqing alone.

    Even with Zixie in hand, she would not do it.

    After all, exposing Zixie in the First City for the sake of someone that she had just met was not worth the risk at all!
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