Chapter 1201: Ruins, Inheritance (18)

    Chapter 1201: Ruins, Inheritance (18)

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    "Elder Bai!" A murderous light flashed in Feng Xiaoxiao's eyes as she said, "You must remember one thing, kill her only when you have a hundred percent gurantee! If you don't have that guarantee, don't make any moves. I won't give her even the slightest chance at all!"

    "Understood, Eldest Lady!"

    Elder Bai joined his fists. Suddenly, he seemed to remember something and said, "By the way, Eldest Lady, I have a rough sketch of the person you're seraching for."

    Instantly, Feng Xiaoxiao's breathing quickened and the space between her brows which had held a murderous intent was instantly replaced by excitement.

    "What did you say, you have news of him?"


    Her hand slammed heavily onto the desk as she rose to her feet in excitement. Her eyes were fixed squarely upon Elder Bai.

    "Eldest Lady, I've scoured through the mainland and only one person matches your description!" Elder Bai looked at Feng Xiaoxiao. "The Grand Lord of Red Lotus Territory!"


    Feng Xiaoxiao was in shock.

    The man that she has been searching for was the Grand Lord of Red Lotus Territory?

    That glorious man with unlimited potential who even shocked the First City!

    Feng Xiaoxiao gently pursed her lips and slowly closed her eyes. "I understand, you may leave now."

    As the Eldest Lady of Wind Valley, she has long heard of the genius who had appeared on the mainland! Perhaps Grand Lord Hong Lian's power does not count for much in the First City 1  , he had once utilized his power as a high-level Martial Supreme to escape despite being surrounded by countless Martial Saints at the time. He even managed to kill two Martial Saints in the process. This news was far too shocking.

    This was how she had first heard about Grand Lord Hong Lian!

    However, evidently, she has never met him!

    Feng Xiaoxiao certainly never expected the man whom she had met when she left the First City for a trip to the secular world was actually the infamous Grand Lord Hong Lian!

    "After being separated from you for so many years, I've finally found you."

    Feng Xiaoxiao opened her eyes and a hint of sadness drifted through her gaze. "However, I never thought that you would turn out to be Grand Lord Hong Lian. According to rumors, Grand Lord Hong Lian already has a wife. Furthermore, he has been searching for her for more than twenty years..."

    Yet, she just had to fall for a married man!

    Feng Xiaoxiao felt a throbbing pain in her heart at the thought of this!

    "However, I don't want to give up! After all, I've been searching for you for so many years. Even if you once had a wife, I want to try and see if I can enter your heart."

    Besides, his wife was missing. This would be her chance 2  ...


    Gu Ruoyun leaned against an old tree in a shady mountain range before she slowly opened her eyes and sighed. "I never thought that the First City would turn out to be so big. It's even more vast than the mainland outside. I've walked for nearly ten days and I'm nowhere close to Wind Valley at all. I don't know if Xiao Ye is waiting for me there now."

    If she wishes to reach Wind Valley, she would need to go through Wind City! Wind City was also an organization which belongs to Wind Valley!

    Gu Ruoyun rose to her feet at this thought and turned her gaze towards the sky. A dark and obscure light flashed in her eyes as she said, "It's getting late, I need to keep going. I hope I'll reach Wind City before it gets dark."

    Without any further delay, she headed down the mountain.


    A large and ancient gate stands tall and silent under the sky, simple and dignified as it guarded the entrance to Wind City. However, two guards were holding a portrait in their hands and diligently surveying every newcomer in Wind City outside the gate. When they realized that the woman in the painting was not there, they shook their heads and allowed the newcomers to enter Wind City.
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