Chapter 1204: Wind Valley (1)

    Chapter 1204: Wind Valley (1)

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    Gu Ruoyun was not an average person!

    Most early-stage Martial Saints would be so frightened at the sight of so many exceeding state cultivators that they would be unable to retaliate.

    Even if she does not have her spiritual beasts on hand, no one could stop her if she wanted to escape.

    Regardless of how cautious Feng Xiaoxiao was, she had still underestimated her!

    "I don't have any trouble with Feng Xiaoxiao yet she has sent her subordinates to kill me. Since that's how she wants to play, I have no choice but to push back." Gu Ruoyun laughed icily as she slowly spoke. "Tianqiong, can you guys can handle these people?"


    As soon as she had spoken, two figures immediately appeared by her side.

    One of them was very handsome and has a stately look on his face, carrying the awe-inspiring authority of a sovereign who had descended from the sky. The other was a cute and petite little lolita. Her powder-puff face was absolutely endearing. However, her eyes do not display the innocent and pure look that most children would have. All they could see was a cold and distant bloodlust as well as an infinite amount of murderous intent.

    "Master." The Vermillion Bird curled the corners of her lips as her large eyes stared at the members of Wind Valley seriously. "Leave these people to Leader Tianqiong and I. They're nothing but a bunch of ants. So what if they have a late-stage Martial Saint in the exceeding state? I will still bash them up like dogs!"

    Once she has finished speaking, the Vermillion Bird's tiny body suddenly charged towards the young man in front of her as quickly as a bolt of lightning. With a wave of her little hand, a ray of fire shot out from her palm and jetted straight towards the young man's face which was inches away from her.

    Even though the little girl seems to be around five years of age, the young man who had experienced many battles could sense her power. He did not dare to show the slightest sign of carelessness. as he pulled his weapon out and brandished it at the Vermillion Bird's tiny body.


    The Vermillion Bird lifted her hand to catch the oncoming weapon while a smile flashed on her adorable little face. "Tsk, tsk. Are late-stage exceeding state cultivators all that great? I don't think that you were even born yet when I had proclaimed supremacy over the four corners of the earth! Even the tiny little Wind Valley has delusions of forcing the Master of the Four Divine Beasts into servitude? What wild fantasies you've got! A person of my Master's noble standing cannot be controlled by tiny little Wind Valley. Even though my Master isn't powerful enough at the moment, she will surpass everyone in your Wind Valley sooner or later."

    The Vermillion Bird has great faith in Gu Ruoyun.

    After all, Gu Ruoyun had not originated from the First City. Instead, she had come from a far more lowly mainland. However, she has achieved such great accomplishments by the age of twenty-four and had single-handedly shot down this entire world.

    From the ancient times till this day, who else could possibly achieve such greatness?

    Funnily enough, Wind Valley sure has some good ideas to actually want to force her Master into servitude?

    If her Master does submit to them, does that not mean that they, the Four Divine Beasts, would become lower than humans?


    Their status would become twice below that of humans!

    The Four Divine Beasts do not want this kind of ending.


    A wave of energy shot out from the Vermillion Bird's small hand and pushed the young man several steps back. He looked absolutely shocked as he stared at the Vermillion Bird's cute face in astonishment. He could not comprehend why he, a late-stage Martial Saint in the exceeding state, could not defeat a mid-stage Martial Saint!

    "Do you know why you can't defeat me?" The Vermillion Bird pursed her lips. "That's because you humans use too many precious treasures to increase your power! It wouldn't be much of a problem if you had used those things once or twice but if you rely on them completely, that would result in an unstable foundation. That's why I can bash you up like dogs!"

    The young man's face turned into an ugly shade before he finally said his first words since he smashed into the room, "Attack together! Kill them all!"
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