Chapter 1206: Wind Valley (3)

    Chapter 1206: Wind Valley (3)

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    "You don't need to push the blame on Feng Yuqing 1  ," Gu Ruoyun laughed icily as she continued, "Because I've already guessed the identity of the puppetmaster behind all of this! No one else would want to kill me aside from Feng Xiaoxiao."

    The young man never thought that Gu Ruoyun would expose the truth at once. His expression changed but he stubbornly denied it, "I don't know what you're saying, we are not the Eldest Lady's subordinates. The Second Young Master was the one who had sent us here to capture you! It's best for you to come with us. Once you become the Second Young Master's concubine, you will enjoy endless luxuries and riches!"

    "Go to hell!"

    The Vermillion Bird's eyes spat fire when she saw that the damned humans had the audacity to humiliate Gu Ruoyun. She waved her hand and the flames, which were hovering on the side, once again hurled towards the young man.

    This time, the young man could not defend himself on time. The flames were as hard as a hammer and tossed his body from the center of the guest room onto a wall, immediately carving a deep indentation in it.

    "Are you sure that Feng Yuqing is the one who wants to kidnap me?" Gu Ruoyun turned towards the pale young man as she smiled and said, "If my memory serves, the trusted aide by Feng Yuqing's side are Feng Yi and Feng Wu. I've never seen any of you before."

    The young man instantly widened his eyes and stared at Gu Ruoyun in disbelief.

    This woman actually knows who the Second Young Master's trusted aides are? Is she acquainted with the Young Master?

    That's impossible!

    Didn't Elder Bai mention that this woman had only just arrived in the First City? How could she possibly have met the Second Young Master?

    "Also..." Gu Ruoyun paused and smiled icily. "I've already promised Feng Yuqing that I would heal the wounds on his body. I had come here to pay him a visit. Since I'm going to meet him soon, why would he send someone here to capture me?"

    The young man's heart shuddered with every word from Gu Ruoyun's mouth. His face has drained of color and his mouth trembled endlessly.

    Elder Bai had instructed them that if they should fail, push the blame onto the Second Young Master. However, Elder Bai never mentioned that this woman would be acquainted with the Second Young Master and it seems their relationship was a friendly one...

    "Vermillion Bird, he knows too much. Kill him."

    Gu Ruoyun slowly turned around and no longer spared the young man a second look.

    As the young man's heart began to fill with fear, the Vermillion Bird laughed eerily. "Human, it never ends well for those who offend my Master! Besides, my Master has told you too much. There's no other option but to make you into a sacrifice..."


    The flames carried a scorching heat and rained down towards the young man in an earth-shattering fashion. The young man did not even have the chance to speak before he was turned into ashes from the flames. Not even his body was left behind...

    After that, the Vermillion Bird dealt with the rest of Wind Valley's members. After all, Gu Ruoyun had exposed the matter regarding Feng Yuqing to them too so she could not give anyone the chance to reveal this information!

    "It seems that whether I help Feng Yuqing or not, Feng Xiaoxiao won't let me off." Gu Ruoyun narrowed her eyes as a clear and cold light flashed across them. " Since that's the case, I choose to stand with Feng Yuqing."

    Feng Xiaoxiao's first assassination attempt had failed. Next, she would probably send assassins at the refined state!
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