Chapter 1208: Wind Valley (5)

    Chapter 1208: Wind Valley (5)

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    However, when had she become his Master?

    Gu Ruoyun was also in shock as she stared foolishly at the excited-looking Elder Feng who was running towards her. "This, are you mistaken? I don't think I'm your Master!"

    After all, this old fellow had repeatedly gone against her back then at the Medicine Sect.

    Now, has he not changed his stripes a little too quickly?

    "Master, have you forgotten when we were at the Medicine Sect, I had especially paid you a visit before I left and asked to be your disciple. You had rejected me then but it's ok, I have confidence in myself! I'll make you accept me as your disciple sooner or later!" Elder Feng's entire face was filled with smiles and flattery as he spoke.

    Gu Ruoyun thought for a moment and remembered that something like that had indeed happened. However, she had not accepted him as her disciple then.

    "By the way, Master, why are you being blocked outside the gate?" Elder Feng seemed to remember something and he turned around to glare fiercely at the two dumbfounded guards. "You two useless things, can't you even recognize my Master? You had the audacity to block her way! Would you like to stop working here? If you don't want to work here anymore, tell me, I'll let you go to the back of the mountain and feed the wolves!"

    The two guards jumped in fright and trembled all over. They never thought that Gu Ruoyun would be acquianted with Elder Feng.

    When they remembered how they had treated Gu Ruoyun, the fear in their hearts deepened. They threw themselves and knelt down on the ground with a thud, trembling as they pleaded, "Elder Feng, please forgive us, we really didn't know that Gu Ruoyun is Elder Feng's Master. If we had known, we would never have been so bold even if you had given us a hundred doses of liquid courage."

    "What's the use in you pleading with me?" Elder Feng laughed icily. "You should be begging her! If she agrees to spare you, I'll spare you!"

    Upon hearing this, the two guards ignored all their dignity and hurriedly turned towards Gu Ruoyun to kowtow. They cried, "Lady Gu, we were blind and did not recognize you so we had offended you by mistake. Please forgive us."

    Gu Ruoyun glanced at them in an indifferent manner before she turned away and looked at Elder Feng. "I'm here to see Feng Yuqing, please take me to him."


    Elder Feng was shocked.

    How was I not aware that Master and the Second Young Master are acquainted with each other?

    Actually, Gu Ruoyun has a reason for being bold enough to ask Elder Feng to lead her to Feng Yuqing.

    She never forgot what that evildoer had once told her back at the Medicine Sect.

    Elder Feng may be arrogant and condescending to others but he has one good trait! That was his loyalty to Wind Valley! Do not judge him simply because he had stayed by Feng Xiaoxiao's side, this was because Feng Xiaoxiao was the Young Valley Lord of Wind Valley. As an elder of Wind Valley, he was duty-bound to ensure her safety and listen to her orders.

    That does not mean that he was Feng Xiaoxiao's trusted aide.

    He had stayed by Feng Xiaoxiao out of his sense of duty to protect the soon-to-be heir of Wind Valley. She must not run into any danger!

    If Feng Yuqing was the heir to Wind Valley instead, Elder Feng would do the same!

    "Master, what is your connection to the Second Young Master?" Elder Feng eyed Gu Ruoyun in a peculiar manner as his heart filled with hesitation.

    Knowing the Second Young Master's hedonistic ways, could he have fooled around with my Master and angered her enough that she would storm in here to kill him?

    It's possible!

    Elder Feng secretly came to this conclusion.
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