Chapter 1211: Wind Valley (8)

    Chapter 1211: Wind Valley (8)

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    Gu Ruoyun gently nodded. "I want to turn the Resurrection Blossom into a Resurrection Pill! At that point, I'll need you to help me watch Feng Yuqing."


    Elder Feng nodded gravely.

    Even though he was on Feng Xiaoxiao's side, Feng Yuqing was the Valley Lord's only son. If they could cure him, the Valley Lord would be very happy indeed.

    "Once the Resurrection Blossom has been taken out, his life will be in danger. When that time comes, I will use a silver needle to seal his body. He will then appear to be dead! You must remember to not let anyone disturb him!"

    Gu Ruoyun raised her head and looked at Elder Feng as she said, "I will then need to be in closed-door cultivation for three days! I will refine the Resurrection Pill in three days!"

    "I understand, Master. Rest assured and go ahead, I won't let anyone disturb the Second Young Master." Elder Feng's intonation carried a determination like never before. His eyes were filled with assurance as he replied.

    "You must remember to not pull the silver needle out. Otherwise, not only will his powers never return, he will die instantly!" A light of conviction flashed across Gu Ruoyun's eyes as she stared at Elder Feng's elderly face and issued the instruction. "Anyone who comes here must not be allowed to touch him!"

    When Elder Feng saw the serious look on Gu Ruoyun's face, he felt very nervous. He made a secret vow that he would never let anyone disturb the Second Young Master.

    "Find me a place where I won't be disturbed and I will refine a pill for him! Because the Resurrection Blossom has absorbed too much of his powers, it won't be easy for me to refine it into a pill. That's why I will need three days' time."

    "Master, go to my territory. No one will disturb you there and you can refine the pill in peace." Elder Feng's elderly expression was filled with determination. "Don't worry, I will guard the Second Your Master for the next three days."

    Gu Ruoyun nodded. "I will extract the Resurrection Blossom from his body now."


    At South Park.

    Unlike the desolate air in the North Park, the South Park's courtyard was bustling and exquisite. There was a multi-story pavilion and countless handmaidens and footboys were walking around the place.

    At that moment in a side room at the courtyard, Feng Xiaoxiao furrowed her brows. Her beautiful, dignified features were enveloped with a light of indifference. After a long pause, she opened her mouth to speak, "Elder Bai, those people you sent last night have been gone for quite a while now. Why haven't they returned?"

    Elder Bai knitted his brows. Logically speaking, those men should have returned very quickly after finishing their mission. Why have they not received any news?

    "Eldest Lady, maybe they've failed?"

    Elder Bai did not dare to imagine the answer to that.

    After all, the men he had sent were all powerful cultivators of Wind Valley. If those men had failed, how much power does Gu Ruoyun have?

    Feng Xiaoxiao's expression changed. "Elder Bai, have you forgotten what I've told you?" she replied with a cold look on her face. "You must succeed! There's no room for failure or it would bring a great disaster upon us. That woman's talents are far too horrifying. Even I cannot help but acknowledge that she is indeed an absolute genius!"

    Unfortunately, she was unable to utilize a genius like her.

    What was the point in leaving her alive then?

    "Eldest Lady, don't you worry, I've instructed them to put the blame on Feng Yuqing if they fail! By then, if Gu Ruoyun does wish to exact her revenge, she would only take it out on Feng Yuqing. When she arrives in Wind Valley to collect Feng Yuqing's debt, she would certainly draw the Valley Lord's ire. We can then use the Valley Lord's hand to kill her!"
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