Chapter 1212: Wind Valley (9)

    Chapter 1212: Wind Valley (9)

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    Feng Xiaoxiao's face, which was initially calm, changed greatly when she heard this. "Idiot!" she shouted angrily.

    Her shout shocked Elder Bai into a daze. He simply could not understand what he had done to draw the Eldest Lady's ire.

    "Are you not an idiot?" Feng Xiaoxiao slammed her hand on the table and exclaimed with an ugly look on her face. "How could a cunning woman like Gu Ruoyun possibly believe your false charges so easily? If you hadn't said a thing, she would not have any proof that Wind Valley had been behind it. Even if she has her guesses, she would not use these guesses to conclude Wind Valley's actions! Yet you had put Feng Yuqing's name right out. While it does kill two birds with one stone, it also reveals that Wind Valley was behind the assassination attempt!"

    A raging flame burned in her heart as she continued her scolding with a cold look on her face, "Furthermore, you had met her that day and tried to recruit her. You then send assassins to her on the same night. She doesn't need to overanalyze things to know that we were the ones who had sent the assassins and not that good-for-nothing Feng Yuqing! More importantly, you want to use Father's hand to kill Gu Ruoyun? Do you think that scenario would be possible? That woman is so cunning, why would she walk into a trap? She would never walk into Wind Valley while her powers are at a weak stage and give herself up so stupidly!"

    Just as Feng Xiaoxiao was chastizing Elder Bai, an anxious voice came rushing into the room.

    "Eldest Lady, I have some news to report!"

    Feng Xiaoxiao took a deep breath, looked at the person in front of her and asked, "What is it?"

    "Eldest Lady, someone has just informed me that the woman you've been searching for, Gu Ruoyun, has arrived in Wind Valley. Furthermore, Elder Feng has brought her to see the Second Young Master..."


    Feng Xiaoxiao was dazed as her pretty eyes widened, filled with disbelief.

    Elder Bai was also dazed for several seconds before he burst into laughter. "Eldest Lady, you think too highly of this woman's intelligence. She's not as smart as you thought she was. She believed the Wind Valley assassins' words and has come to make Feng Yuqing pay. Hahaha!"

    Feng Xiaoxiao racked her brain, trying to figure out a crucial point in all of this. However, no matter how hard she tried, she could not seem to understand why Gu Ruoyun would make her way to Wind Valley?

    When has her intelligence regressed to such a degree?

    Could she have believed in such an inferior lie?

    "Impossible, this is definitely impossible!" Feng Xiaoxiao shook her head and fell silent. "There must be something that we're not aware of. A smart woman like Gu Ruoyun would never walk into a trap."

    Elder Bai laughed disdainfully, curled his lips and said, "Eldest Lady, don't overestimate her! Based on my conversation with her yesterday, I could tell that she's not that intelligent! Now that she has come to cause trouble for the Second Young Master, she has clearly been fooled by our lies. However, I never expected Elder Feng to help her and lead her to the Second Young Master. Perhaps he has turned traitor?"

    Elder Feng?

    A glint flashed in Feng Xiaoxiao's eyes, she has finally found the unusual point in this matter.

    "Elder Bai, I believe that something isn't right about this! I am well aware of Elder Feng's loyalty to Wind Valley so how could he have turned against us? All these years, the reason why I've never been able to truly recruit Elder Feng was because he is far too loyal to Wind Valley. No matter how unsatisfied he is with Feng Yuqing, he would never let anyone harm him. I believe that this matter isn't as simple as it seems."
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