Chapter 1213: Wind Valley (10)

    Chapter 1213: Wind Valley (10)

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    "Eldest Lady," Elder Bai sneered and his entire face was filled will ridicule. "Why don't we head over to the Second Young Master's residence? We'll know the truth if we don't we stay here and continue the confusion. The Second Young Master is already a good-for-nothing and is of no threat to you. Since that's the case, let's save him this one time. Perhaps we might even leave a good impression on the Valley Lord."

    Feng Xiaoxiao fell silent for a moment before she gently nodded.

    No matter what Gu Ruoyun's plans were, they only need to investigate to find out the truth...

    "Come, let's make our way to the North Park and check on my beloved little brother."

    Feng Xiaoxiao gently curled the corners of her lips as a cold light flashed in her eyes. She said nothing more and headed out of the room.

    At the North Park.

    Elder Feng was standing guard outside the side room's door like a statue. After his experience with Gu Ruoyun at the Medicine Sect's general meeting, he now holds a deep admiration towards her and would follow her orders through seriously.

    A group of figures suddenly approached him from outside the courtyard. A light of astonishment flashed in his eyes and he walked up to greet them without thinking too much about it. "Eldest Lady, Elder Bai, what are you doing here?"

    Feng Xiaoxiao looked at Elder Feng who was standing guard and smiled. "Elder Feng, I'm here to visit Yuqing. After all, it's been a while since he has left the North Park. As his older sister, I should show some concern to my little brother, right?"

    "Haha, there certainly isn't anything wrong with showing concern for the Second Young Master, Eldest Lady. However, the Second Young Master is unable to receive any visitors for now. Please come back in three days' time, Eldest Lady."

    Elder Feng laughed. He was not completely aware of Feng Xiaoxiao's actions so he really thought that she had come here out of genuine concern for Feng Yuqing.


    Elder Bai has long felt a strong dislike towards Elder Feng. He scoffed icily and said, "Elder Feng, I heard that you've brought an outsider into Wind Valley and led them to the Second Young Master's courtyard? What is your relationship with that person that you would give her so much help?"

    "It's like this," Elder Feng did not spare Elder Bai a second look as he turned towards Feng Xiaoxiao. "Eldest Lady, you've met that young lady as well," he said, "She's the woman who had defeated me in the Medicine Sect's general meeting and successfully refined a pill! She's here to restore the Second Young Master's powers. We are now at the crucial point of the process so please come back in three days, Eldest Lady!"

    "Haha, what a joke!"

    Elder Bai burst into laughter and butted into the conversation before Feng Xiaoxiao could reply, "How can you be sure that this woman is sincerely trying to help the Second Young Master? I heard that the Second Young Master had secretly sent assassins after her last night so she's here to take her revenge! I advise you to quickly step out of the way. What if something happens to the Second Young Master, do you think that the Valley Lord would forgive you?"

    Hearing this, Elder Feng was completely dumbfounded.

    The Second Young Master had sent assassins after Master? Why didn't Master say anything about it? Besides, knowing my Master's personality, if the Second Young Master really wanted to assassinate her, would she be talking cheerfully with him?

    "Elder Bai!"

    Elder Feng had treated Feng Xiaoxiao with courtesy but when it comes to Elder Bai, there was no need for him to remain civil.

    Hence, he furrowed his brows and stared at Elder Bai irritably. "If you don't have any definitive evidence, don't speak without thinking! Gu Ruoyun is definitely not here to kill the Second Young Master, I believe that she can help him!"

    He waved his sleeves once he had spoken and continued with a sunken look on his face. "Please go back, I've promised her that I won't let anyone disturb the Second Young Master!"
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