Chapter 1214: Wind Valley (11)

    Chapter 1214: Wind Valley (11)

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    "Elder Feng!"

    Elder Bai was enraged and he replied in a cold voice, "Do you know what you're doing? What benefits has this woman offered you to make you help her so much? If you continue to block us from entering, the Second Young Master's life will be in grave danger! Are you going to abandon him like this?"


    Elder Feng scoffed and ignored the old man. His eyes then turned towards Feng Xiaoxiao.

    "Eldest Lady, you of all people should know what kind of person I am! Even if I betray everyone in this world, I will never betray Wind Valley! Please believe me this one time! I would never want to hurt the Second Young Master!"

    Feng Xiaoxiao fell silent. After a long pause, she raised her delicate and pretty features, looked at Elder Feng's elderly face and curled her lips indifferently. "Elder Feng, let us go in and have a look. As long as I can see that Yuqing is safe and sound, I'll leave!"

    Elder Feng's expression changed greatly.

    The Second Young Master was currently in a state of deathlike suspended animation. If they saw him now, it would be impossible to explain the situation to them!

    Feng Xiaoxiao's eyes darkened at the look on Elder Feng's face. Could the situation be like what Elder Bai had said? Was Gu Ruoyun really here to murder Feng Yuqing? That cannot be right, she wouldn't be so stupid to kill someone in Wind Valley. Doing so would just be digging her own grave!

    Besides, she had the ability to convince Elder Feng to trust her so much that he would stand guard outside the door and stop everyone from coming in...


    When the group insisted on making their way into the room, Elder Feng quickly blocked their way and exclaimed with an ugly look on his face. "You can't go in! If you force your way in, you'll hurt the Second Young Master!"

    Feng Xiaoxiao's eyes flickered but her expression continued to display a gentle smile. That smile was like the wind, ethereal and faint.

    "Elder Feng, don't forget that you're a member of Wind Valley."

    Feng Xiaoxiao may have been smiling when she said these words but the frostiness in her voice made Elder Feng's body shake.

    "You've stayed by my father's side for so many years, you should know how much he treasures Yuqing. Even after Yuqing had turned into a good-for-nothing, he still protected him! If anything bad were to happen to Yuqing, can you bear the responsibility?"

    She lifted her head but there was no longer a gentle smile on her face. Her beautiful eyes were now filled with a stern air.

    Elder Feng's expression shook before he frowned and said, "Eldest Lady, no matter what you say, I will not let you in for the sake of the Second Young Master's safety!"


    Elder Bai burst into laughter again. "Elder Feng, are you sure that you want to do this? Fine, since that's the case, we're going to storm right in. I'd love to see what you've done to the Second Young Master!"


    Elder Bai's body turned into a sharp sword before he charged towards Elder Feng.


    Elder Feng pulled his weapon out and blocked Elder Bai's attack. The sheer force of their encounter caused an explosion, turning the surrounding trees into dust.

    "I've told you, I'm not letting you in!" Elder Feng's expression darkened and he snapped fiercely, "If you insist on doing so, I have no choice but to raise my hand to stop you! Elder Bai, you should think this through thoroughly. Offending someone like me who is constantly by the Valley Lord's side won't end well for you!"

    "Haha!" Elder Bai burst into laughter. "You've joined forces with an outsider to try and harm the Second Young Master, this is a single drawn offense. Do you think that you will have any position in the Valley Lord's heart to speak of? All these years, you've used the Valley Lord's trust to rain tyrannical abuse over Wind Valley. Everyone had to give way to you but I never thought that you would be so ungrateful until you wouldn't even spare the Second Young Master! I've already sent some men to inform the Valley Lord of this. You will receive the Valley Lord's wrath very soon!"
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