Chapter 1215: Wind Valley (12)

    Chapter 1215: Wind Valley (12)

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    Elder Feng's expression changed over and over again.

    Elder Bai's words made sense to him!

    No matter how much the Valley Lord trusts him, there were some taboos which he could never violate!

    That taboo was the Second Young Master!

    If Elder Bai had really summoned the Valley Lord, he might not be able to stop these people at all. However, the Master had mentioned that no matter what, he must prevent anyone from disturbing the Second Young Master. Otherwise, if they removed the silver needle, the Second Young Master could never be revived from the dead even if the gods were to arrive!

    "Eldest Lady, I've stayed by your side for so many years, don't you trust me at all?"

    Elder Feng turned towards Feng Xiaoxiao. His face was filled with disappointment as he asked in a bitter voice.

    "It's not that I don't trust you, I'm just worried that you've been deceived by Gu Ruoyun." Feng Xiaoxiao's eyes darkened. "Therefore, I will only leave after I've seen Yuqing. Don't worry, I just need to see him once. If I see that he's safe and sound, I'll lead everyone out of here."

    Elder Feng shook his head and shut his eyes.

    "Eldest Lady, I know that you're worried about the Second Young Master but I really can't let you in! Otherwise, the Second Young Master's life will be in danger!"

    Three days!

    He just needs to hold on for three days. Once Gu Ruoyun returns, this misunderstanding will be wiped off.

    "Get out of the way!"

    Elder Bai bellowed and waved his hand fiercely towards Elder Feng's chest.

    The power from his hit was sharp, enveloped in a faint layer of spiritual energy. His eyes were filled with ferocity and no longer displayed their initial gentleness.


    Elder Feng scoffed as he watched Elder Bai closing in on him. He raised his hand to stop Elder Bai's hand as he exclaimed gloomily, "I won't touch the Eldest Lady but with you, I have no need to exercise patience!"


    Their hands clashed against one another. Elder Bai's body stumbled backward as a sliver of blood trickled from the corner of his lips. He then glared icily at Elder Feng.

    In all of Wind Valley, Elder Feng's powers were second only to the Valley Lord. Elder Bai was no match for him!


    Feng Xiaoxiao furrowed her willowy brows and narrowed her eyes as she glared at the two elders icily. "It won't help matters if you two fight here. We will make a decision when my father arrives!"

    After saying her piece, she turned towards Elder Feng and asked, "Elder Feng, I'll give you one last chance. Will you let us pass? If you're really going to wait for my father to arrive, his anger isn't something that you can handle."

    "I'm sorry, Eldest Lady, I can't let you pass."

    Elder Feng continued to block the way to the room and his face was serious as he stood tall like a sculpture. "I believe that in three days, you will understand that my actions were the right one! Prior to that, I can't let you pass!"

    Feng Xiaoxiao pursed her lips and laughed icily. "Alright, I hope that you won't regret your decision! However, Elder Feng, I really never thought that you would turn out to be that kind of a person! I am sorely disappointed in you!"

    The woman's gentle voice was tinged with clear disappointment and caused Elder Feng's heart to tremble.

    He closed his eyes for a long while before opening them again. A wave of determination filled his eyes but he did not say another word.

    "The Valley Lord has arrived!"

    A loud cry echoed throughout the sky. The crowd watched as a handsome man in white robes traveled through the air. He has a tall and imposing body and emitted an air of domineering stateliness.
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