Chapter 1216: Wind Valley (13)

    Chapter 1216: Wind Valley (13)

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    Two armed guards were standing behind the Valley Lord. Neither of them showed any sign of emotion on their face as they guarded him loyally from behind.

    One of the guards was the person who had announced the Valley Lord's arrival.

    The white-robed man slowly walked towards them. A domineering atmosphere of the highest quality spread out with every step that he took, causing everyone around him to lower their heads.

    This was a refined state cultivator, just that one bout of coercion could easily subdue others.

    "Can anyone explain to me what's going on here?"

    The Valley Lord's eyes scanned across every face from all for corners of the area as he spoke in a cold and distant voice.

    "Reporting to the Valley Lord," Elder Bai sent Elder Feng an ugly glare as he turned towards the Valley Lord and replied, "Elder Feng has conspired with an outsider in an attempt to harm the Second Young Master. That outsider is implementing a form of horrible torture upon the Second Young Master in that room. Elder Feng has refused to let us in and does not allow us to check on the Second Young Master at all! Please, Valley Lord, support our cause!"

    Upon hearing this, the Valley Lord's cold and distant eyes turned towards Elder Feng before he asked with a cold bite in his voice, "Is this true?"

    "Valley Lord," Elder Feng joined his fists with an ugly look on his face. "It's like this. You probably remember that genius, Gu Ruoyun, whom I've mentioned to you before. Gu Ruoyun has arrived in Wind Valley and can help restore the Second Young Master's powers. That's why I'm helping her."

    Elder Bai sneered and exclaimed disdainfully, "Elder Feng, if it's really as you've said, why won't you let us see him? If she really does have the power to save the Second Young Master, we won't disturb him but you? You won't even let us look at him. Aren't you conspiring with her to harm the Second Young Master? What else could it be?"

    "This..." Elder Feng was at a loss for words. He then continued, "Valley Lord, please believe me. My days here reflect my loyalty to Wind Valley! I would never have any intentions of hurting the Second Young Master! If you really insist on barging into the room, the Second Young Master will die!"

    The Valley Lord fell silent and no one could tell what lay beneath his cold features. He did not say a word.

    "Father." Feng Xiaoxiao looked at Elder Feng before she walked towards the Valley Lord. Her voice was light and gentle like the wind as it slowly echoed throughout the silent courtyard. "I trust Elder Feng, he would never hurt my little brother."

    Elder Bai was in shock, he never thought that Feng Xiaoxiao would help Elder Feng. Were they not supposed to deal with Gu Ruoyun? Clearly, Elder Feng has now chosen to stand on Gu Ruoyun's side.

    Why was Feng Xiaoxiao backing Elder Feng now?

    Elder Feng never thought that Feng Xiaoxiao would ultimately stand up for him and sent her a grateful look. After all, based on his earlier behavior, it was already good enough that Eldest Lady had not complained to the Valley Lord about him, what more stand up for him.

    "However..." Feng Xiaoxiao's eyes darted back and forth. "Based on my understanding of Gu Ruoyun's character, that woman is very smart and also very cunning! Elder Feng had taken pity on your love for your son and trusted Gu Ruoyun's words easily. He's not in the wrong, it's the latter's fault for being too cunning! Elder Feng means well but Gu Ruoyun would never save Yuqing. Just last night, Yuqing had sent his men to capture Gu Ruoyun and make her his concubine. Think about it, based on their current connection, why should Gu Ruoyun save him?"

    Feng Xiaoxiao no longer cared about Gu Ruoyun's intentions here. As long as she was here in Wind Valley, she could manipulate her father to kill her!
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