Chapter 1217: Wind Valley (14)

    Chapter 1217: Wind Valley (14)

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    Besides, Elder Feng was so adamant about preventing them from entering the room. That proves that they could not see Feng Yuqing now. Otherwise, if it really was as he had claimed, Feng Yuqing's life would be in grave danger.

    Hence, she has to enter the room and kill two birds with one stone!

    If Feng Yuqing dies, her father would never let Gu Ruoyun get away with it!

    An undetectable murderous intent flashed in Feng Xiaoxiao's pretty eyes when she thought of this.

    It goes without saying that Feng Xiaoxiao was very intelligent. She knows that the Valley Lord trusts Elder Feng a lot. If she had tried to frame Elder Feng, the result would work against her. Hence, she had no choice but to absolve Elder Feng of his mistakes and push all the blame onto Gu Ruoyun.

    This way, her father would not believe Elder Feng and would only think that he was being manipulated.

    "Elder Feng, step aside."

    Indeed, after hearing Feng Xiaoxiao's words, the Valley Lord's eyes turned towards Elder Feng as he issued the order in a low, hoarse voice.

    "Valley Lord?"

    Elder Feng's body stiffened from where he was standing in front of the door. He stared at the Valley Lord's icy features in astonishment. "If you go in, you will end up hurting the Second Young Master."

    "Elder Feng, it looks like Gu Ruoyun has really has bewitched you with the waters of oblivion. That's the only reason why you would believe her so much." Feng Xiaoxiao's gaze darkened as she spoke in an icy voice, "If you continue to try and stop us, perhaps Yuqing is already dead! He was once in danger and we had managed to save his life with great difficulty. Do you want him to die again?"

    "Step aside!"

    Just as Feng Xiaoxiao had spoken, the Valley Lord's cold voice rang out once again.

    If it were anyone else who wanted to enter Feng Yuqing's room, Elder Feng would stop them no matter the cost.

    However, this was the Valley Lord!

    Elder Feng's lips filled with bitter agony. He then shook his head in exasperation and sighed but ultimately stepped aside and let them pass.


    The Valley Lord pushed the door open and walked in very quickly. Upon entering the room, the first thing he saw was Feng Yuqing whose entire body was pierced with silver needles from head to toe. At this moment, Feng Yuqing was lying silently on the bed as if he were dead.


    The Valley Lord's shocked face drained of color as he rushed towards Feng Yuqing. When he placed his hand to check for Feng Yuqing's breathing, his expression turned cold. A dense, cold air then erupted from his entire being.

    "Elder Feng, I've told you before, that woman does not have any good intentions. Now, she has caused the Second Young Master's death! Hand the woman over. Otherwise, no one will be able to save you this time!" Elder Bai exclaimed, taking joy in Elder Feng's calamity.

    He has never liked this old man. Just because Elder Feng had the Valley Lord's trust, he has always been condescending. Sometimes, he would even ignore the Eldest Lady! This was great, he had trusted a woman's lies too easily and has thoroughly offended the Valley Lord.

    Perhaps the Valley Lord would consider him guilty and kill him for his part in this!

    The Valley Lord took a deep breath and reached his trembling hand out to remove the silver needles from Feng Yuqing's body. His heart was now clenched in a tight grip and filled with a fiery rage.

    "Valley Lord."

    When he saw that the Valley Lord was about to pull out the silver needles, Elder Feng's expression changed greatly. He then quickly rushed forward and grabbed the Valley Lord's outstretched hand. "Valley Lord, you must not pull out the needles. If you do so, the Young Valley Lord will die!"

    "Get out of my way!"

    The Valley Lord's body was shrouded in a cold air as he spat icily.
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