Chapter 1218: Wind Valley (15)

    Chapter 1218: Wind Valley (15)

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    Usually, he would never treat Elder Feng in this manner but now, he no longer cared about anything else! Besides, this old man was the cause of his son's tragic death. Why should he treat him with any courtesy?

    "Valley Lord, please believe me this one time. Give me three days and I will return with a vigorous and lively Second Young Master to you! I only need three days!" Elder Feng held onto the Valley Lord's arm tightly as his eyes filled with determination.

    The Valley Lord glanced at him indifferently. "Qing'er's heart has stopped, how could he still be alive? Besides, I can sense that the Resurrection Blossom in his body is missing. You should know the consequences that come with losing the Resurrection Blossom, he can't be saved!"

    "Valley Lord, Gu Ruoyun has promised me that she would return in three days. She will turn the Resurrection Blossom into a Resurrection Pill and use it to save the Second Young Master! That's why she had used the silver needles to seal the Second Young Master in a state of suspended animation. If you pull the needles out, the Second Young Master will most certainly die!"

    "Hehe," Elder Bai laughed icily before he spoke in a disdainful tone. "When did you become so naive? A Resurrection Pill? What on earth is that? I've never heard of it! She's asked you to give the Resurrection Blossom to her and you had actually helped her to do it? You're clearly going to kill the Second Young Master! Valley Lord, I believe that Elder Feng has deliberately gone against the rules. Please, Valley Lord, grant him a heavy punishment and avenge the Second Young Master!"

    Elder Feng grew anxious. If he had known that this would happen, he should have informed the Valley Lord first. Perhaps the situation would not have gone out of hand.

    However, how would Elder Feng have known that the usually desolate and overlooked North Park would draw Feng Xiaoxiao's attention?

    "What do you want me to do to make you believe me?" Elder Feng was panicking as he exclaimed with sweat pouring down his face. "Valley Lord, if Gu Ruoyun really doesn't have any power, do you think that I would trust her? If you really don't believe me, I can make a wager. If Gu Ruoyun doesn't show up in three days, I will atone for my crimes with death!"

    Elder Feng gritted his teeth. At this moment, he has placed all of his hopes onto Gu Ruoyun's abilities. His heart prayed endlessly that she would show up sooner so that he could be free from this situation.

    "Elder Feng, this matter has nothing to do with you." A light flashed in Feng Xiaoxiao's eyes as she said, "Besides, Yuqing is dead now and Wind Valley does not wish to lose a talent like you as well. I will not let you use yourself as collateral no matter what."

    What a joke, why should I possibly wait any longer?

    She was feeling rather suspicious. How could a person with Gu Ruoyun's intellect possibly walk into a trap? Now, the situation was obvious. Gu Ruoyun had really come here to cure Feng Yuqing! Why should Feng Xiaoxiao grant her those three days? What if she really does manage to save Feng Yuqing? Getting someone else to do her dirty work would not be so easy then.

    "Eldest Lady, I know that you're doing this for my own good but I have no other choice." Elder Feng turned towards the Valley Lord and spoke with a serious look on his face, "Valley Lord, why don't you believe me just this once? If you pull out the needle, he will die! If you trust me, there is a chance that the Second Young Master will survive! If I have been so unlucky as to place my trust in the wrong person, I will find her even if I have to go to the ends of the earth and I will bring her back to you! I will then atone for my crimes with death!"

    The Valley Lord's hand, which had been placed on the needle, paused. A strange light then flashed across his cold features. After a long pause, he retracted his hand and replied calmly, "Alright, I'll trust you this time!"
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