Chapter 1219: Wind Valley (16)

    Chapter 1219: Wind Valley (16)

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    Feng Xiaoxiao's expression changed and a vicious light flashed in her beautiful eyes. "We can't keep waiting like this, we must catch Gu Ruoyun immediately. I believe that she's not too far away! What if we wait and she was to escape, all that awaits Wind Valley then is a disaster. That woman's talents are too frightening and if we let her grow, Elder Feng would not be able to control her. So, father, I ask you to give the order to hunt Gu Ruoyun down and let Yuqing rest in peace!"


    Feng Xiaoxiao threw herself down and knelt on the ground as she implored calmly.

    "I beg you, Valley Lord, to hunt down the culprit and avenge the Second Young Master!"

    Elder Bai and the others have knelt down as well and cried out pleadingly.

    "Enough!" The Valley Lord waved his hand as his stern voice echoed throughout the room. "Even if you catch her, Yuqing can't possibly be revived. Since that's the case, let's treat a medically dead horse as if it was still alive! I will believe them for now. If she doesn't show up in three days, I will make her understand the consequences of crossing Wind Valley! I will find her and kill her even if I have to go to the ends of the earth, heaven, or hell. I won't rest as long as she's alive!"


    The aura within the Valley Lord's body dispersed, breaking the table in front of him and threw everything into disorder. His eyes were filled with a cold light while his voice carried a murderous air.

    Elder Feng finally heaved a sigh of relief. It was a good thing that he has managed to protect the Second Young Master. All he needs to do now was to wait for her to return...

    Master, I hope you won't let me down...

    Elder Feng lowered his eyelids and secretly whispered in his heart.

    "Eldest Lady."

    Elder Feng turned towards Feng Xiaoxiao. When he saw the extremely ugly look on her face, his heart shook.

    Feng Xiaoxiao did not speak. She pursed her lips and her once gentle gaze was now frosty. Her typically delicate and dignified features no longer held their initial warm prettiness. In fact, it was replaced with cold and distant lines...

    It was a good thing that everyone's attentions were now focused on Feng Yuqing. Hence, aside from Elder Feng who was next to her, no one had noticed the look on her face at all. Otherwise, they would probably reevaluate what they know of Feng Xiaoxiao's character...


    Three days passed in a flash.

    Gu Ruoyun wiped the sweat off her brow in the pill refinement chamber. Her eyes were focused upon the pill cauldron.

    "I've finally managed to refine the Resurrection Blossom into a pill. Three days have passed and it's time for me to make my way over to the North Park and give Feng Yuqing this pill. I'm afraid that the silver needles will lose their effect if I delay any longer."

    Perhaps the entire Wind Valley never thought that Gu Ruoyun was still in Wind Valley. She has been hiding in Elder Feng's cultivation chamber as she single-mindedly refined the Resurrection Pill.

    After putting the pill away, Gu Ruoyun did not hesitate any longer and turned around to head out of the chamber...

    However, once Gu Ruoyun stepped into the North Park, she sensed something peculiar which made her slow down a little. However, she ultimately continued to walk forward...


    The three days have passed Elder Feng grew anxious in the room. Sweat rolled continuously down his face and his eyes would scan outside the door time and again. The concern in his eyes was evident.

    "Elder Feng, I don't think she's coming now."

    Elder Bai laughed icily as he spoke disdainfully.

    Elder Feng's heart filled with panic when he sensed the increasing chill around the Valley Lord. He continued to pray endlessly in his heart, hoping that Gu Ruoyun would hurry back. After all, he had made the vow three days ago that if Gu Ruoyun does not return, his own life would be forfeit.
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