Chapter 1220: Wind Valley (17)

    Chapter 1220: Wind Valley (17)

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    Elder Feng never thought that he would place his life in the hands of a young woman one day.

    This was something that he had never expected at all.


    Just as Elder Feng was beginning to panic in earnest, the tightly shut door was finally pushed open. A green-robed woman then entered the room, appearing before everyone's eyes.

    Elder Feng nearly burst into tears at the sight of Gu Ruoyun. Heaven knows how much pressure he has had to endure over the past three days. He had been terrified by the Valley Lord who emitted an icy aura constantly and has had to endure Elder Bai's snarky comments as well as managing his anxious feelings for Feng Yuqing's well-being.

    He has never been this emotional. At this moment, he felt that Gu Ruoyun was almost like his own mother and he nearly knelt on the ground.

    "You're finally here."

    He looked at Gu Ruoyun as he trembled. His eyes were filled with excitement but his voice was filled with exasperation, "If you had not come, these people would have slaughtered me."

    Gu Ruoyun raised her brow and swept her gaze across the crowded room. She paused on Feng Xiaoxiao for a moment before she turned away and looked at Elder Feng again. "How is the task that I've given to you? Has anyone touched the silver needles?"

    Elder Feng nodded his head vigorously. "I've successfully completed the task, there's no displacement in the silver needles from when you've left and right now. Please rest assured."

    "Alright, I will begin the process of saving him now."

    Gu Ruoyun slowly walked towards Feng Yuqing who was lying on the bed. She then pulled his lips apart with one finger and stuffed the pill inside.

    When the pill entered Feng Yuqing's mouth, it turned into a clear stream and flowed into his lungs.


    A wave of energy erupted from Feng Yuqing and his entire body shook as if it had been shocked.

    "Once I've removed the silver needles, he'll be able to wake up. The spiritual energy which had once been absorbed by the Resurrection Blossom will slowly return."

    After Gu Ruoyun had finished speaking, she began to remove the silver needles from Feng Yuqing's body one by one.

    Ever since Gu Ruoyun had entered the room, the Valley Lord had remained silent. However, his gaze was focused upon the woman's every move as the aura from his body grew more and more powerful. His grim features were cold and distant.

    The hand which he had placed on the chair was clenched into a fist while his eyes filled with a sharp air.

    If Qing'er does not awaken after she has removed the silver needles, I will make this woman join him in death!

    Feng Xiaoxiao pursed her lips tightly and her expression was an ugly sight to behold. Her thoughts were vastly different from the rest as she does not want Feng Yuqing to awaken! If Feng Yuqing dies, both Gu Ruoyun and Elder Feng would die by her father's hand!


    Gu Ruoyun raised her hand and removed the final needle. She then pulled out a handkerchief and slowly put the needles away before she slowly rose to her feet as her lips curled into a calm smile, "Alright, it's done."


    The Valley Lord quickly rose to his feet. His eyes were fixed upon the man on the bed. At that moment, his breathing quickened and his eyes filled with anticipation.

    It was clear that the Valley Lord dearly loves his only son despite the fact that the Second Young Master has a bad reputation and was a good-for-nothing...

    The crowd watched as the man, who had been lying on the bed with tightly shut eyes, slowly opened them. He looked a little disoriented as if he could not understand what had happened. However, he was shocked when he saw the crowd of people around his bed. His vision then slowly became clear and bright.
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