Chapter 1222: Wind Valley (19)

    Chapter 1222: Wind Valley (19)

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    "Father, don't worry, Lady Gu and I can be considered as old acquaintances. I will certainly take good care of her."

    Feng Xiaoxiao's eyes were full of smiles as she turned her gaze towards Gu Ruoyun and slowly curled her lips. "Lady Gu, what do you think?"

    "The Eldest Lady of Wind Valley must be very busy. I reckon that you won't have time to entertain me." Gu Ruoyun's face lifted into a calm smile. "I'm not expecting Wind Valley to entertain me, I can handle myself."

    The Valley Lord nodded. "If you insist, Lady Gu, I won't force you. I will send my servants to make arrangements for you in while. If there's anything you need, Lady Gu, just send someone to inform me. I will definitely fulfill your every request."


    This time, Gu Ruoyun did not argue and agreed instantly.

    "Also, to help speed up Feng Yuqing's recovery, I'll need to prepare a few more pills. Please help me make arrangements for a pill refinement chamber after this so that no one is allowed to disturb me."

    Pill refinement?

    Elder Feng's eyes lit up when he heard this. "Master, will you let me aid you? Don't worry, if you're not willing to teach me to refine pills, I won't learn on the sly. Besides, based on my level of intelligence, even if I did try to learn on the sly, I might not be able to get anything anyways. However, I'd like to stand next to you and observe you during the pill refinement process. This has been a lifetime hope of mine. Master, please indulge me."

    There was a pleading look on Elder Feng's face and he stared at Gu Ruoyun beseechingly once he has finished speaking.

    Even if he does not know how to refine pills, it would be an honor for him to be able to stay by a pill master's side! Even to witness the birth of a pill would be enough for him!

    Gu Ruoyun fell silent for a moment before she nodded her head. "Alright."

    Elder Feng nearly leaped when Gu Ruoyun voiced her agreement. He then exclaimed in excitement, "Master, if any odd jobs come your way, leave them to me. I won't let you down."

    Gu Ruoyun shrugged but did not say anything more. The Valley Lord burst into laughter at the sight of this. His face no longer displayed his initial grim stateliness as he said, "Lady Gu, as a token of our gratitude, my medicine storehouse is open to you. You may take whatever medicinal herbs you need. If you need to take all the medicinal herbs, that's fine too."

    To him, the entire medicine storehouse was nothing compared to Feng Yuqing's full recovery. Gu Ruoyun has helped to restore Feng Yuqings powers, gifting her the entire medicine storehouse was minor compared to that!

    "If there's a need, I won't be modest about it."

    Gu Ruoyun smiled calmly as she replied.

    She would definitely not modest about it. After all, the next pills will be refined to help restore Feng Yuqing's body...

    "Father," Feng Xiaoxiao tried to speak but hesitated.

    "If there's something you wish to say, speak."

    The Valley Lord's face once again reverted to its stately air as he turned towards the confused-looking Feng Xiaoxiao.

    "Father, I have a request." Feng Xiaoxiao spoke hesitantly. "For my birthday next month, can you help me extend an invitation to someone?

    "Oh?" The Valley Lord raised his brows and noticed an inkling based on Feng Xiaoxiao's bashful face. He smiled calmly and said, "I wonder who you would like me to extend this invitation to?"

    "It's Grand Lord Hong Lian," Feng Xiaoxiao's face blushed red. "I heard that Grand Lord Hong Lian has arrived in the First City as well. I want to ask if you could help me invite him to Wind Valley as a guest.

    Grand Lord Hong Lian?

    Upon overhearing this, Gu Ruoyun, who was just about to leave, suddenly paused in her footsteps as a peculiar light flashed in her eyes.
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