Chapter 1224: Feng Xiaoxiaos Birthday (1)

    Chapter 1224: Feng Xiaoxiao's Birthday (1)

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    At Wind Valley.

    Gu Ruoyun was focused on refining pills in the pill refinement chamber.

    Elder Feng was standing next to her as he eagerly supported her. He did not seem to think that his actions were unbecoming of an elder of Wind Valley. In fact, he was very proud! After all, not many people could accompany a pill master as a support while they refine pills.

    "Bring this pill to Feng Yuqing and get him to take it" Gu Ruoyun waved her hand and lifted the cover off the pill cauldron. She then took the pills out and placed it in front of Elder Feng. "Give him one a day and this will help his body to recover. As for his powers, they should fully recover in about a month."

    Elder Feng carefully clasped the pills in his hands as if he was afraid of dropping it.

    "Master, I'll send this over to the Second Young Master."

    There was a smile filled with adoration on his face. He then turned around and left the pill refinement chamber, closing the door behind him.

    Gu Ruoyun shook her head and sighed exasperatedly. She then turned her attention back towards the pill cauldron and continued to refine her pills...


    "Elder Bai, has there been any news from Grand Lord Hong Lian?"

    Feng Xiaoxiao and Elder Bai were in an unusual room in the South Park when she turned around with gloomy eyes and asked him.

    "Eldest Lady, don't worry, the Valley Lord has sent men out to spread the word. If Grand Lord Hong Lian has heard of it, he will come." Elder Bai smiled and replied soothingly. His tone then changed as he asked, "Eldest Lady, have you noticed that the Second Young Master has completely changed into a different person?"

    Elder Bai was more worried about the situation in Wind Valley rather than Grand Lord Hong Lian.

    After all, he has helped the Eldest Lady with a lot of matters all these years. If the Eldest Lady falls, he might not be able to survive in Wind Valley.

    Feng Xiaoxiao fell silent. Ever since Gu Ruoyun has healed Feng Yuqing's body, it really did seem as if he has changed into a different person. He no longer displayed his hedonistic ways. In fact, he was now far more composed.

    "I'm not going to let the power fall into Feng Yuqing's hands no matter what. Otherwise, there won't be any place for me in Wind Valley anymore!" A cold light flashed in Feng Xiaoxiao's eyes. She then declared, "Hence, on my birthday next month, I will make Feng Yuqing and his father disappear from the face of this earth! Wind Valley will only belong to me completely when they're dead!"

    As for Gu Ruoyun...

    Each time she thought of that name, Feng Xiaoxiao would grit her teeth in hate!

    If Gu Ruoyun had not interfered, Feng Yuqing would never have recovered. Hence, this woman must be buried at Wind Valley!

    "Eldest Lady, what should we do?" Elder Bai eyed Feng Xiaoxiao doubtfully. He understood that after this matter, Feng Xiaoxiao could no longer tolerate the situation.

    If Feng Yuqing regains his powers, their many years of hard work would have gone to waste!

    "I've already asked the Charm Sect to lend me a hand! If Father wasn't so biased towards Feng Yuqing, I would never have wanted to take his life! All that I'm doing now is because they have forced my hand!" Feng Xiaoxiao took a deep breath and a light flashed in her eyes. "Furthermore, I must meet Grand Lord Hong Lian before my birthday and make him completely mine!"

    A vicious air gradually filled Elder Bai's eyes. "Eldest Lady, don't worry, I will help you to secure the position of Valley Lord of Wind Valley. When that time comes, we won't have to pretend anymore."
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