Chapter 1225: Feng Xiaoxiaos Birthday (2)

    Chapter 1225: Feng Xiaoxiao's Birthday (2)

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    Feng Xiaoxiao laughed and her smile carried an icy murderous intent.

    "This time, the Sect Master of the Charm Sect will personally help me! Besides, I've promised her that if she helps me to obtain the position of Valley Lord, I will give all the spiritual beasts of the fire spiritual beast clan to her. Hence, with the Charm Sect Master's help this time, we'll certainly be able to kill Feng Yuqing and his father!"

    Her voice was cold, distant and merciless. It was as if the person she intends to kill was not her father, someone who has given her life and nurtured her, but an irreconcilable enemy.

    "Father, don't blame me for being vicious. You may have treated me well all these years but Feng Yuqing is the most important of all in your heart! If this continues, I'll never be able to stay as the Young Valley Lord of Wind Valley. I will never give this position to anyone."

    "No." She paused before she continued to speak, "From the next month onwards, I will no longer be the Young Valley Lord but the Valley Lord!"

    After her father dies, Wind Valley might drop from a second-rate power to a third-rate power. However, that was acceptable, she has the confidence in herself that one day, Wind Valley would return to its golden age. Besides, Grand Lord Hong Lian could help her as well.


    At this moment, Gu Ruoyun appeared in the Ancient Divine Pagoda and was immediately mobbed by her spiritual beasts.

    "Master, why don't you kill Feng Xiaoxioa now?" asked the Vermillion Bird furiously. Each time the Vermillion Bird thought of Feng Xiaoxiao's hypocritical face, her eyes would spit fire from the anger.

    "There's no hurry." Gu Ruoyun shook her head. "Feng Xiaoxiao is now the Young Valley Lord of Wind Valley. If I touch her, the Valley Lord would not sit back and do nothing about it. This Valley Lord is indeed very powerful so I'm going to wait until Feng Xiaoxiao shows her true colors."

    The Vermillion Bird curled her lips. "How long do we have to wait? Feng Xiaoxiao is so prudent that she would never expose herself so quickly. Just a few days ago, when you had healed Feng Yuqing, she was clearly gnashing her teeth angrily at you but she still smiled at you."

    "I've made it such that Feng Yuqing no longer needs to conceal himself and he can revert back to his true personality. It shouldn't be long until Feng Xiaoxiao loses her patience." Gu Ruoyun curled her lips. "Besides, Father is coming next month. I'll wait for him in Wind Valley."

    "Master, is Feng Xiaoxioa really going to lose her patience? Won't she continue to hurt Feng Yuqing? I'm afraid it won't be that simple this time." Yunyao was very skeptical as she asked doubtfully.

    "She won't be able to succeed if she does it alone. However, based on what I've heard, Feng Xiaoxiao has a pretty good relationship with the Charm Sect. During her birthday, the Charm Sect will definitely make an appearance. I'm guessing that when the Charm Sect members arrive, they would definitely join forces with them and attack Feng Yuqing. We must prepare ourselves before that."

    Gu Ruoyun had never intended to involve herself in this matter in the first place. Unfortunately, Feng Xiaoxiao had tried to kill her after failing to recruit her! How could she continue to exercise patience this way?

    "By the way..." Gu Ruoyun suddenly remembered something. She then turned towards the fire spiritual beast. "I had received a pill formula back in the ruins. It's a pill that can help push a Semi-Saint spiritual beast into a breakthrough to the Martial Saint rank. I've now managed to successfully refine that pill. You can try it."

    Everyone knows that when a cultivator reaches the rank of a high-level Martial Supreme, they would arrive at a crossroad in their cultivation path. If they could successfully gain the Martial Saint rank after that, their future would become limitless.

    However, some cultivators would fail in their breakthrough and enter the rank of a Semi-Saint as a result of that failure. They would not be able to have a breakthrough for the rest of their lives.
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